Sunday, September 23, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Obama’s Unfulfilled Promise of Change

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Obama’s Unfulfilled Promise of Change: Barone
Obama's Dangerous and Disastrous Presidency: Hillyer
When Exactly Did America Cease To Be A Republic?: Western

Historically, Obama Isn't in Strong Shape: Cost
Permanent Spin: Hayes
State Dept. refused Senate briefing on Libya, given to NYT instead: Hill

Justice Dept. Used Enemies List to Attack Critics, Including Me: Foundry
Obama Permanently Out to Lunch: RS
Finish hard, and fight through the finish line: LI


Top 10 Bad Economic Signs for Obama: Events
U.S. Tipping Point: 51% of Households Now Pay No Income Taxes: CFIF
Former ECB Chief Economist Says ECB Is In Panic: ZH

QE3: The Whole US Economy Is Going To Implode: Peter Schiff
Man Charged With Redistributing Wealth From Obama HQ: JWF
Run On Banks Would Make Fiscal Cliff Look Like Speed Bump: Forbes

"What's Next?": Simon Johnson Explains The Doomsday Cycle: ZH
Suicide Now Bigger Killer Than Cars as Economy Takes Toll: DailyMail
Top 10 things to tell President Obama to get him to read Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations: No Oil for Pacifists

Climate & Energy

Dem slams Obama on EPA rules, coal: Hill
Energy Dept. Spends $10 Million on Water Turbine to Power 25 Houses: Foundry
A parting shot in the war on coal: Hot Air


Sick: CNN admits concealing critical evidence in Ambassador Stevens’ murder: Twitchy
Four in Ten Newspaper Jobs Have Disappeared in the last Ten Years: AIM
"Treat the Press as Enemy Collaborators.": SSI

Frank Marshall Davis, Jr.: AT
Howard Dean: Yeah, Harry Reid has some credibility issues now, huh?: Hot Air
This stupid gun writer needs to get himself a dictionary.: SSI


Egypt's Mohamed Morsi Dictates U.S. Foreign Policy to the Obama White House: AmPower
Free Speech Isn't the Problem: Goldberg
Truth and Consequences: Godin

How to Handle a Scandal - Lessons in Futility: Elephant
Obama to Condemn Christian Filmmaker Before United Nations: Breitbart
Iranian commander: Israel-Iran war inevitable: JPost

CAIR Rep: Violence Shows It's America That Needs to Change: IPT
Bachmann-Clinton Showdown over Blind Sheikh: FPM
The "Innocence Of Dogs" Causes Howls Of Protests; Obama Issues Apology: Wolf Howling


Top 5 Mobile Apps for the Techie Traveler: SocMedToday
11-year-old wins $20,000 at AT&T hackathon for creating app that discourages texting while driving: Engadget
“The Story of Computers”, 1970: Retronaut


The astounding coincidence of Barack Obama’s name: iOTW
The Decline of Manliness in All Sorts of Things: RWN
Handy #ClaireMcCaskillSlogans remind us the Missouri race isn’t over: Twitchy

Image: Retronaut
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QOTD: "With the Middle East now more hostile to U.S. interests than ever, the 'Arab Spring' has become a major political liability for the president. Try as he may, he can't distance himself from it.

Betraying his frustration with Cairo's Muslim Brotherhood, which egged on U.S. embassy rioters, President Obama said, "I don't think we would consider them an ally, but we don't consider them an enemy."

But in a May 2011 speech at the State Department, Obama essentially took credit for Islamists' rise to power as part of his broader Mideast strategy to help free them from the "repression" of despots, while ending their "suspicion" and "mistrust" of America from the war on terror.

"That's why, two years ago in Cairo," the president expounded, "I began our engagement based upon mutual interests and mutual respect."

The main beneficiary of his "engagement" was the radical Muslim Brotherhood, which has called for jihad against America and the destruction of Israel. The main loser was steady U.S. ally Hosni Mubarak." --IBD

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