Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SHOCK POLL: Obama Up 99 points over Romney in Latest CNN-NYT-Zogby-NBC-Dreamworks Survey

The ludicrous Jan Crawford -- if that is her real name -- hardest hit:

CRAWFORD: Both candidates are focused on Ohio this week. It is getting tough here for Mitt Romney. Our latest poll now shows the president is up by 10 points. The poll shows the president also has a significant lead with women voters in all three of those swing states that we surveyed. But here in Ohio the president is up by 25 points with women voters. Now, today Romney will be focused on the economy. That's an issue that's been the cornerstone of his campaign, but there's trouble in our poll there for Romney, too! In our poll, for the first time, the president has taken a lead on that key issue in all three states.

RUSH: That makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? Obama's ahead by 25 points with women in Ohio, and is finally taking a lead over Romney on the economy. Yeah, 'cause the economy's gotten so much better in the last week. If it's this good for Obama, I have a bunch of questions, but one central question: Why is he there? Why is he campaigning in Ohio today? If it's that wrapped up and he's got a 10-point lead, why is he there? Why not go to some other state where it's not that big a lead?

Exactly. Obama is in Ohio because he's in trouble in Ohio.

Rasmussen August 31st: Latest national party affiliation, Republicans up four over Democrats. That's never reflected in any poll. If, by the way, you do that, if you take all these polls and you change the samples... Some guy did this at Unskewed Polls or some such thing the other day. It's been all over the Internet. If you do this, if you take every one of these polls and you exchange the sample for what Rasmussen found?

You find Romney up by anywhere from six to nine points, and in some cases ten points. That's if you use an accurate sample of Republicans and Democrats as reflected by Rasmussen's party affiliation reported on August 31st.

Vintage media wants the American people to surrender. And this we will not do.

This election is just as much about defeating old media as it is defeating the Statist Obama agenda. Voting Democrats out of office at every level of government therefore is a two-fer.

I can't wait to flip from ABC to CBS to NBC to MSNBC to CNN on election eve, just to watch the expressions on their faces. It's gonna be great. I've got the DVR cued up and the popcorn ready.


Doom said...

Well, Zero could be up by that much. I mean, Kim Jong Il always got at least 150% of the vote, and then only in the bad famine years, so... It is theoretically possible. The Ils are Democrats, if they call it something else there. And the Democrat party is a party of theories. So, like I said, all possible.

Anonymous said...

Paul Joseph Goebbels would be thrilled how the mainstream media in this country has evolved to push their indoctrination agenda.