Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: The Boehner-Reid Amnesty Funding Plan

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The Boehner-Reid Amnesty Funding Plan: Erick Erickson
You Can’t Fix Government with More Government: Jen Kuznicki
Boehner’s Two-Step Plan to Do Nothing About Amnesty: Steve Berman

How to Make Your Own Race Riot: Sultan Knish
The Mike Brown PBS “Lie Chart”: Treehouse
Michael Brown’s Magically Missing Marijuana: MB

Nothing on Terry Bean: Michelle Malkin
The Real Racist Conspiracy In Ferguson: Ben Shapiro
The Appeal of Hillary Drunk: Power Line

Here’s One Of Mary Landrieu’s Less-Friendly Union Thug Supporters: HayRide
Mary Landrieu Supporters Silence Black Activists, Assault Journalist: RebelPundit
RINO Kook Jeb Bush: Obama Amnesty Didn't Go Far Enough: Pat Dollard


The GOP Will Fund Obama’s Executive Amnesty Plan: Erick Erickson
Owner of Market in Ferguson: I Won’t Rebuild – I Don’t Feel Safe: Nice Deb
Lies About VA Reform Come To Light: Betsy McCaughey

Scandal Central

President Obama's "Deferred Action" Program for Illegal Aliens Is Plainly Unconstitutional: CIS
Jaleel Tariq Abdul-Jabbaar Facebook page and threats: FAM
In a sane world, Sharyl Attkisson would be recognized with the highest commendations in journalism: ¡No Pasarán!


Mark Levin Caller Has a Great Idea About the One Person Who Needs a Body Camera: PJM
You’ve Got To Like Weigel: R.S. McCain
Commie moron Russell Brand FREAKS OUT when confronted by reporter about HIS wealth!: Scoop

Ferguson-Style Mob Violence: Coming Soon to Your Town!: Riot
Mark Levin blasts Obama for holding a meeting about ‘racist cops’: Scoop
Newt on Ferguson: Obama should be saying to people ‘don’t rob stores and don’t disobey police’: Scoop

Charles Barkley says what Obama and Holder should be saying but won’t: Doug Powers
Thomas Sowell: Obama 'Wants to Spread Paranoia' If It Gets Votes: Breitbart
NYT Editor Admits Giving Palestinian Incitement a Pass: IPT


Ted Cruz's Anti-'Obama-Clinton' Foreign Policy Has Arrived: Rebecca Nelson
Cruz: You can’t defeat Islamic terrorism if you can’t even utter those words: Robert Spencer
DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson: Obama's Executive Order Is Not Amnesty: Breitbart

Niqabs and Burqas as Security Threats: Daniel Pipes
Oopsie==> Muslim Tries To Throw Firebomb at Israeli Soldiers, Goes Up In Flames: Tammy Bruce
No Second Amendment in the UK: Levi Winchester, Express

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Should scientists attempt to create artificial life?: SingularityHub
5 Open Source Business Intelligence Tools: Paul Rubens
Building Node.js Projects in Visual Studio: Gastón Hillar


Black Lives Matter: Diann Russell
Heart of Darkness: From Georgetown to Ferguson: MOTUS
Attention All Coppers: Prepare to Go-Pro: MOTUS

Image: IDF PHOTOS: Female Combatant Soldiers Complete Their Training

QOTD: "The House Republicans will take a symbolic vote against President Obama’s Executive Amnesty.

But they have no intention of stopping him. In fact, they will enable him and fund his plans.

That’s the reality.

Told you so.

Call your congressman now and tell him you think this is a bunch of BS. Demand they stop the President, even if it means shutting down the government to do it.

If we don’t stop him here, on this, we will not stop any of his executive overreaches from the environment to foreign policy to the IRS." --Erick Erickson

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