Monday, December 08, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: GOP Leadership Lies to its own Caucus to Support Obama's Executive Amnesty

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GOP Leaders Lie to Caucus to Support Obama's Executive Amnesty: Matthew Boyle
Another Democrat Falls. Republicans Still Won’t Listen.: Erick Erickson
Gruber: Abortion of 'Marginal Children' a 'Social Good': Austin Ruse

Divider In Chief: Obama Calls America a “Deeply Rooted” Racist Nation: Treehouse
Obama, If Racism So Deeply Rooted, How Were You Elected?: Wayne Dupree
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Alwyne Cashe’s Medal of Honor moves slowly forward: This Ain't Hell
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Why the Democrats stupidly wrote off Louisiana too quickly: Moe Lane
GOP House Majority Largest In 67 Years: Doug Mataconis
Trent Lott to Mitch McConnell: Vidkun Quisling was an effective leader: RS

Mark Levin urges states: 'take back your power' from 'runaway' Obama: Paul Bedard
State Sen. Standridge To Represent GOP At Assembly Of State Legislators: KGOU
12-year-old girl kills stalker: Jonn Lilyea

Landrieu and the myth of the southern realignment: Jazz Shaw
I Don’t Have All That Much Tonight; I Just Have This…: HayRide
Democrats still confused as to why the South has given up on them: Moe Lane


Sessions: Under Obama Amnesty Feds to Write Checks to Illegals: Breitbart
Mathematician Takes Issue With Common Core: CI
EEOC Has Become the Problem, Not the Solution: Star Parker

Scandal Central

Obama Deputies Free 30,862 Foreign Criminals: Neil Munro
Eric Holder's Crusade to Federalize Police Departments: Andrew C. McCarthy
‘It’s the Constitution ITSELF that is under attack by Obama...’ – Greg Abbott: Scoop


Politically Intimidated Police Afraid to Shoot Maniac Who Chased Them With Butcher Knife: MB
Virginia cop is kidnapped and murdered by several black gang members. Sharpton, where are you?!: RWN
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WaPo trips over the truth about the Deep South: Don Surber
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Reflections on Rolling Stone’s Messy, Mossy UVA Rape Story: Sharyl Attkisson
Here’s Jackie Coakley “Rape Obsessed” Pinterest Account #UVAHoax: GotNews
Progressivism Claims Another Life: Derek Hunter


Venezuela: The oil teat runs dry: Fausta
Repression unleashed in apartheid Cuba: Political arrests have quadrupled in 2014: Babalu
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Reports: Israel bombs Syrian missile transfers to Hezbollah: LI
Iran Instructs U.S.: Stop the ‘Racist’ Crackdown on Blacks: WFB
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Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Timeline: Operation Choke Point: American Banker
Portland officials launch sting operation against Uber, issue hefty fines to drivers: GeekWire
Sony's First Comment on Hacks: An 'Unprecedented, Unparalleled Crime': Gizmodo


Larry Perry: IOTWreport
21 Photos of Pearl Harbor and a Day That Will Live in Infamy: Signal
Veterans Who Survived Pearl Harbor Mark 73rd Anniversary: Hideout

Image: Your Saturday caption contest. What is Vice President Biden thinking?
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QOTD: "[Eric] Garner was selling “illegal cigarettes” that day, or “loosies” – individual cigarettes from a pack. Why would anyone buy individual cigarettes? Because government, in this case New York, both city and state, have, through exorbitant taxation, made buying a whole pack too expensive for many.

Government’s heavy hand incentivized the creation of a black market for cigarettes. But government’s heavy hand also made selling cigarettes outside of its approved, and taxed, avenues a crime. Government, like the mafia, doesn’t like competition. The mafia will execute you; the government will arrest you.

...Had reselling cigarettes, individually or in packs, not been criminalized by a government wanting its “taste of the action,” Eric Garner still would be alive.

Police have better things to do with their time, more important crimes to investigate, than selling cigarettes individually. But, unlike the newly discovered powers of the president to pick and choose which laws to enforce, when cops get a call, they have to respond—no matter how stupid they may think the “crime” is.

The race-baiting progressives saw an opening in the Garner case and took it. The media, either unwilling or incapable of seeing their philosophy caused this and many other deaths and arrests, followed their lead and made this story about race. Garner is still dead, and repealing the laws that led to his death isn’t even being discussed." --Derek Hunter, "Progressivism Claims Another Life"


Barry Popik said...

"GOP Leadership Lies to its own Caucus to Support Obama's Executive Amnesty." Yet another reason I left the Republican party and became an independent. Who wants to be associated with this lawbreaking? This party does not speak for me!

Anonymous said...

Apparently the G.O.P/S.O.B.s are no different than the DEM/S.O.B.s.
I'm an independent voter and I'm ALL DONE with the G.O.P.
America is being run by a corrupt oligarchy that pretends to be two different flavors.
It all tastes like the same #@!&.