Thursday, December 18, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Communists Win the Day. Frank Marshall Davis Would Be Proud of Obama

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Communists Win the Day. Frank Marshall Davis Would Be Proud of Obama: RS
Blatant, Undeniable, Indisputable Hypocriscy on Cuba: Scoop
Obama Exchanges Castro’s Killer For American Hostage: Cliff Kincaid

The Unified Ted Cruz Blame Theory Goes Up in Flames: Leon H. Wolf
Cruz Obamnesty Vote: Better Scrupulous Cowards Than Treasonous Liars: VDARE
Subpoena Bringing Obamacare Adviser Gruber Back to Seek ‘Whole Truth’: PJM

The Stupid Continues to Burn: Flopping Aces
The Rules Of War Need Updating: Cal Thomas
Michele Obama: Someone Asked Me to Reach Something for Them at Target!: Ace

Jeb Tide: Mark Steyn
Backing the Wrong Horse: City Journal
Obama Issues Rare Pardons, With More to Come: Clark Mindock

Scandal Central

When Interrogations Began: A View From Inside the CIA : Joseph R. DeTrani
The Bastinado, Rack, Iron Maiden, and the Waterboard: Sara Noble
Ft. Bend Police, Prosecutors Accused of Abuse in SWAT Incident: Fox 26 Houston


Pathetic: Obamas Claim ‘We’ve Been Treated Like the Help’: JWF
FLASHBACK: Valerie Jarrett Mistakes 4-Star General For Waiter: Jamie Weinstein
Michelle Obama’s Story of Racism at Target is a TALL TALE: Sooper

Exclusive: James O’Keefe On Authority’s Threat To Citizen Journalism: RebelPundit
Mark Levin: Is the presidential ambition of one family good for our republic?: Scoop
Who Buys $14 In Gas? – Jessica’s Story: Treehouse

Why Liberals Really, Really Hate Us: Spengler
Americans Should Be Safe To Go To the Movies: AmInt
Networks Barely Mention Brutality of Castro Regime or Cuba Being Communist: MRC


Rubio: Obama Is Worst Negotiator Since Carter, Maybe in Modern US History: WFB
RUBIO RESPONDS: This is just another concession to a tyranny by Obama: Scoop
The Last Communist City: Michael J. Totten

The Russians worked hard for this disaster, let them enjoy it: RS
WARNING - GRAPHIC IMAGES: Indoctrination Of Children In The Islamic State Caliphate (ISIS): MEMRI
This Bullet Just Designed for the U.S. Military Should Have ISIS Terrorists Freaking Out: RWN

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

This Is Cyberwar, Not Tabloid Fodder: Abe Greenwald
How to stop wasting wireless spectrum : AEI
Microsoft offers blow-by-blow Azure outage account: Register


Liberal Heads Explode: Cop Creates "Breathe Easy – Don’t Break the Law" T-Shirts: BuzzPo
10 famous characters each drawn in the style of 10 famous cartoonists: Gizmodo
A simple solution to Sony Entertainment's current 'crisis': Obiter Dictum

Image: WARNING - GRAPHIC IMAGES: Indoctrination Of Children In The Islamic State Caliphate (ISIS)
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QOTD: ""I just think it’s ironic that in the 50 years that have passed under embargo, America has moved closer to communism than Cuba has to liberty. --Kate McMillan

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Anonymous said...

I'm tired of being played. Everybody knows the Norks weren't behind the latest cyber attack, it was Grand Fenwick in Northumberland that launched it. Too bad Obama can't get this one right.