Sunday, December 07, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Tom Cotton: Break the Capitol Phone Switchboard to Fight Obama’s Amnesty

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Tom Cotton: Break the Capitol Phone Switchboard to Fight Obama’s Amnesty: NRO
House GOP on course to pass funding bill with majority of caucus: David M. Drucker
Obama Tells Ferguson Extremists, “Think Big, Go Gradual”: Sara Noble

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Feds paid $182,129,786 to house illegals for 4 months: Allen West
Government Owns Over 623 Million Acres. Why Does It Need More?: RWN
"Near Perfect" Indicator Is Flashing A Warning: Michael Snyder

Scandal Central

Obama Lawless Amnesty Costs Exposed: JW
GOP Chairman: We Should Legislate That Not One Person Is Thrown Out or Deported: CNS
Looks like Chicago PD had a stingray out at the Eric Garner protest last night: PrivacySOS

Why I’m Suing the Justice Dept.: Its Unlawful Freedom of Info. Response: Attkisson
Watch Rolling Stone Fraud Journalist Discuss Media Ethics: GotNews
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Climate & Energy

How the Science Got Settled: Mark Steyn
EPA to farmers: ‘Trust us’: CapitalPress
Since 2008, America’s Oil Supply Has Grown by 50 Percent: Signal


Rolling Stone Walks Back Key Allegations Of Campus Rape Expose: Doug Mataconis
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“Unauthorized” Aliens With Jobs Outnumber Non-College-Grad Adults Seeking One: WZ
LibRag Warns of “Christian Terrorist Movement,” Real Terrorists Howl In Laughter: Robert Gehl
After 27 Years at CNN, News Host Who Meddled in the 2012 Elections to Protect Obama is Out of a Job: IJR


The Best Deal with Iran Is No Deal with Iran: Ted Bromund
Kerry 'dismayed and disturbed' by Iran charges against Washington Post reporter: Fox
Venezuela Cuts Back on Subsidized Oil Exports: AmInt

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

AT&T wants to know why a town is building a 1Gbps network when it already offers 6Mbps DSL: BGR
The autonomous Google car may never actually happen.: Slate
Uber Just Landed Another Billion Dollars. It’s Not Going Anywhere: Wired


An Art Historian Was Watching ‘Stuart Little' and Discovered Something Incredibly Valuable: IJR
Man Sees Fellow Fan’s Pregnant Wife Texting Another Man, and Does Something About It: RWN
Is President Bill Clinton a Rapist?: Larry Elder (1999)

Image: U.S. Saw Little to Lose in Yemen Rescue Attempt as Execution Neared
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QOTD: "In 2007, there were reports that the Capitol switch board actually stopped working because so many people called, and asked their senators and congressmen to stop an amnesty bill going through at the time, and it stopped... And it helped in 2013 when the House was on the verge of considering something like the Gang of Eight bill in the Senate, so I would encourage you to call your senator, call your congressman next week and in the new year.

...Congress needs to take action using the strongest power that we have which is the spending power under the Constitution to stop President Obama’s unlawful amnesty decree. Pass a short-term funding measure, try to defund these measures now, put the Senate Democrats on record, and then simply fund the government in the new year . . . then we can take action to defund the specific executive overreaches.”" --Senator-Elect Tom Cotton


Anonymous said...

It is despairingly usual for the Administration to dispense disinformation, and now about the Yemen rescue. Fact is, I would rather be machine gunned than beheaded, wouldn't you?
So the story keeps changing so nobody will ever arrive at the truth: their dog barked, a Muzzie went out for a pee, the SEALS were 100 yards away and won the battle blah, blah, blah.
Do you really believe they were making enough noise or motion to alert a dog a hundred yards away? Do you believe a Muzzie went out for a pee and saw anything out in the dark? Puhleze. It is more likely that the ROE forbade our Military from terminating the peeing Muzloid or a dog because he didn't point a gun at them - nobody would have heard it and that poor soul might still be alive.
I appreciate everything these warriors did but I refuse to "feel good" about an unjust handling of facts. The American people deserve to be told the truth.

Anonymous said...

The latest most accurate story says SEALS surrounded the house and demanded that the uncircumcised heathen put their hands up and come out. That would have left the circumcised white man inside - and safe.
HANDS UP - DON'T SHOOT appears to be Obama's newest strategic, prurient interest.

Anonymous said...

What would you do if you could travel back in time to before that last world war?

Imagine you’re a time traveller and you go back to pre-World War II times

Seeing that hindsight is 20-20 you would know of the terrible war that is a brewing.
The people back then wouldn’t know this, they would just be seeing things from a currents events standpoint. The events of the day could now be set in the context of history but only as they are unfolding.

How would you try to warn the people of that time what is to transpire?
How would you try to take the events of the day and put them in historic context

There are certain immutable laws of human behaviour just as their are certain immutable law of physics
Tyrants will act as tyrants no mater the age or epoch – they will Lie, cheat steal and oppress their people to maintain their death grip on power.

As a time traveller you would know what is to happened and you could try to warn people of the cataclysm that is about to befall them. Some may actually listen to you but most will not, and you’ll be lucky if you don’t locked up in the clink in a straight jacket in a padded cell.

You could try to point out how Hitler is incrementally getting worse and worse, you could point out that while he was elected he is now cementing his place as the leader with bribes of cash and other valuables stolen from others.

You could try to point out how while he attained political office within the confines of the law of the land he is now flouting that law and using it to solidify his power base while using the same set of laws against his political opponents.

Now, imagine that you are a time traveller from the future, and knowing how things played out before WWII how would you try to convince people of today to pull their heads out of their a… out of the sand and look at events of today in light of the event before WWII?