Saturday, December 27, 2014

EXCELLENT NEWS: Mainstream, Moderate Muslim Group Cheers Unveiling of ISIS Flag on Mt. Everest

Yes, really. Muslim Matters is a news hub for all things Islamic, with a special focus on Western countries. MM has a mere 425,000 "likes" on Facebook, which indicates it is quite mainstream.

Of course, he's not just holding up a book; he's also holding up a flag. And not just any flag, the black flag of ISIS.

When even Al-Arabiya is reporting that ISIS has committed crimes against humanity, you may want to rethink the cheerleading, fellows. To wit, "Massacres, beheading boys as young as 15, and amputations and lashings in public squares that residents -- including children -- are forced to watch figure on the list of crimes, as does the widespread use of child soldiers, stoning women to death for suspected adultery and holding women as sexual slaves and forcing them to bear children for the fighters."

Or is ISIS now what passes for moderate, mainstream Islam?

Hat tip: BadBlue News. Reference: "Know Your Terror Flags."


Anonymous said...

There is no appeal in climbing Everest anymore. It is littered with garbage, frozen feces, dead bodies and empty oxygen tanks; really, no different than the future Muzzies hope to inherit.

Minicapt said...

Looking at the photo, I would doubt he is standing on Everest's peak.


Anonymous said...

Flag on left is ISIS. Flag on right is al Nusra. Neither is the flag Farouq Alzouman took to the top of Everest *3 years ago*. He carried the Saudi flag.

2011 Interview w/alzouman

Color photo of Qur'an and flag on Everest

Alzouman received an award for his endeavor this year, likely bringing all this up in a skewed fashion.

Someone is playing games with you.

Anonymous said...

Beheading boys as young as 15? If the photos I've seen have been accurately attributed, ISIS scum have beheaded girls as young as six. If true, clean deaths via bullets or bombs is too good for them. Something more dramatic, like reenacting what happened to the crew of the USS Indianapolis (except with NO survivors), seems appropriate.