Saturday, December 20, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: ‘We’ve Had Enough Bushes’

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‘We’ve Had Enough Bushes’: Jen Kuznicki
Hillary Was Behind Cuba Deal: WFB
Rand Paul's Cuba Moment: Amy Miller

White House Fears 'President Cruz' Will Overturn Exec Amnesty: Breitbart
Sony exec fires back at President Obama: Frank Pallotta
Obama praises LeBron James for wearing 'I can't breathe' shirt: The Hill

Should Mark Levin -- or Peter Wehner -- Leave The GOP?: Dan Riehl
Boston Bombing Victim Confronts "Free Jahar" Protesters: RWN
U.S. College Chancellors Admit BDS Goal Is “Bringing Down Israel”: Sentinel

Obama's Year-Ending Presser: But I’m Not Done Yet!: MOTUS
CT Supreme Court: Knives, Batons Protected By 2nd Amendment: Bob Owens
Two More People Burned Alive During Possible Gang Violence: Treehouse


IRS Commissioner: cutting our budget means civilization is doomed: RS
Revisiting Krugman's idiocy, re: Japan: Matt Stoller
How crony capitalism is undermining US entrepreneurship: James Pethokoukis

Scandal Central

NIH: No $$$ for Ebola Vaccine, $100 Mil for Meditation: Daniel Greenfield
Craven Legislators Form Secretive Gun Control Group: Bob Owens
Woman who started viral “I’ll ride with you” story admits it was totally fake: Poor Richard

NY Mayor de Blasio Claims City Open for All Illegals, But Builds Fence Around His Own Home: LibertyNews
Two Penn. Democrats Indicted for Taking Bribes to Oppose Voter ID Laws: LibertyNews
Parents left with $1million in hospital bills after toddler son disfigured in botched SWAT raid: DailyMail

Climate & Energy

EPA sets first national standard for coal waste: CNS
EPA punts decision on methane regs: The Hill
EPA chief: Extreme cold weather boosting global warming plan: Susan Page


No Superheroes In ‘The Interview’ Capitulation: Jonah Goldberg
George Clooney discovers the essential uselessness of the Hollywood he helped create: Moe Lane
Was 'The Washington Post' Hacked? (Or Is It Snowing In Hell?): Lid

Courting Disaster: View From the Porch
One In Five People Who Write For Rolling Stone Are Morons: Ann Coulter
“I’m Too Spooky for My Soul; Too Sexy, In My Soul”: MOTUS


Excuse Me, But We Are Not “Isolationists”: Dana Loesch
REPORT: Hamas diverting reconstruction materials to repair damaged tunnels into Israel: Scoop
The Countdown to the Next Gaza Conflict Has Begun: Yaakov Lappin

It's Kim's World. We Just Live in It.: Mark Steyn
Sony hack: China may have helped North Korea, US states: Telegraph
New Photos of Russian Planes intercepted by Norwegian Fighter Jets: Aviationist

State Department: ‘The Interview’ and Mohammad Film We Condemned NOT In 'Same Category': TR
Cuba’s dissident movement react to Obama’s unilateral concessions to the apartheid Castro dictatorship: Babalu
Outrage in India as alleged mastermind of Mumbai mass terror attacks is released on bail by Pakistan: BNI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

What Ever Happened to Bitcoin?: LI
Why Is Yahoo Still So Bad At The Basics?: TC
The Real Thing the Sony Hack Exposes Is Hypocrisy: Appy Geek


Undeniable Truth: LL101
Iconic Hollywood Sign Gets an Updated: Crashr
Shocking photo reveals where Kim Jong-un got idea to target, intimidate filmmakers: Twitchy

Image: Pic Of The Day: Obama Sniffs Cuban Cigar Hours After Lifting Embargo
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QOTD: "...justifying his new, unilateral (remember when that used to be a bad thing?) Cuba policy, Barry told us:

“If you’ve done the same thing for 50 years and nothing’s changed you should try something different if you want a different outcome.”

Maybe he should send the same message to his own party, because after 50 years and trillions of dollars, the results of the Great Society’s War on Poverty are less than spectacular..." --MOTUS

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Punchline: Jeb Bush

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