Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Ted Cruz: They want to come after me? Knock yourself out

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Ted Cruz: They want to come after me? Knock yourself out: Scoop
Obama's Grand Plan: Ed Lasky
GOP joins Democrats in defending Obama’s amnesty executive order: RS

Operation Remove Speaker Boehner: Josh Bernstein
Mark Levin Reads the Riot Act to the GOP: Scoop
Mike Lee: We are not to blame for Harry Reid pushing through nominees: Scoop

Ted Cruz: They want to come after me? Knock yourself out: Scoop
The Madison Project Endorses Senator Mike Lee for Re-Election: Madison Project
WA: Thousands of Gun Owners Defy Gun Ban Law at Rally: RWN

Commie Elizabeth Warren Won't Rule Out Future Presidential Run: Daniel Halper
A “Mind-blower” of a Nominee: Mark Pulliam
Defiant Pelosi Stands Firmly on Left: Roll Call


How the minimum wage destroyed 1.4 million jobs: Stan Veuger
Smotherers of Invention: Steven Malanga
Money Laundering Is Financial Thoughtcrime : Jon Matonis

Scandal Central

Obama DHS Inspector General Sentenced to More Than Three Years in Prison: DOJ
Unlike 2014, witches got trials: Don Surber
Life in Post-Truth America: Sultan Knish

Climate & Energy

UN Ridiculed Over Non-Binding “Climate” Deal in Peru: Alex Newman
In These 13 States, Gas Is Selling for Below $2 a Gallon: Natalie Johnson
Warmists Reach “Bare Minimum” Deal At #COP20Lima: Cove


MSNBC Host: ‘Too Early To Tell’ If Man Asking For ISIS Flag Was Motivated By Islam: DC
Unhinged WaPo Blogger Jennifer Rubin Falls for Left's Tricks Every Time: Jen Kuznicki
The Sandy Hook Families’ Lawsuit Against Bushmaster Will Fail. Here’s Why.: Bob Owens

NYPD Shreds de Blasio After Cops are Assaulted by ‘Peaceful’ Protesters: JWF
Four Things You Need to Know About the First Amendment: Free Enterprise
No Blogger, You Don’t Understand the Senate Better than Ted Cruz Does: Leon Wolf


Sydney Siege and Monitoring Extremists: Max Boot
In Wake of Sydney Siege, Liberals Side With Radical Islam Yet Again: MB
The Moral Minority: Erick Erickson

Australian Jihadist Took Hostages To Prove Islam Is Religion of Peace: Treehouse
Australian Hostage Taker Named as Iranian Refugee with Criminal Past: WFB
A Man of Peace: GoV

Read Sydney Muslim Terrorist Man Haron Monis’s 2008 Letter to Barack Obama : GotNews
Gazans Speak Out: Hamas War Crimes: Mudar Zahran
Latest Hamas Gems: A Failed Terror Plot, Praise for ISIS: IPT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Panicked Hollywood Avoids Email, Returns to Faxes After Sony Hack Attack: TheWrap
Comcast Will Finally Let Roku Owners Stream HBO, Showtime: Recode
The Flu Shot Isn’t a Good Match This Year. Is It Ever?: Gizmodo


What happens if you ask 13 gay-owned bakeries to bake a pro-marriage cake?: Knight
Christmas Penguins: MOTUS
Taxed Enough Already: IOTWreport

Image: Heroic Sydney cafe manager, 34, shot dead as he grabbed terrorist's gun
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--Sen. Ted Cruz

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