Friday, December 26, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: The Use and Abuse of Democratic Freedoms

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The Use and Abuse of Democratic Freedoms: Roger Kimball
Newspaper Editor: Ferguson Protesters Should Wage War Against Cops: RWN
780,000 Good Men And Women In Blue: RWN

Garner’s daughter posts address of cop in hopes of murder: WAW
SWAT teams guard NYPD stations after social media threats; 7 arrested: Twitchy
Anti-cop punks in Oakland trash Christmas tree, smash windows: Twitchy

Bill de Blasio told NYPD not to arrest bottle throwing protesters: FAM
Michelle Obama's school lunch program based on junk science: Rand Simberg
Why was all-A Grosse Pointe teen killed on Detroit street?: Tresa Baldas

Unions to Recruit Illegals Covered by Obama Amnesty: Tea Party
Feds sign $7.8 million lease to house new immigration workers: The Hill
Will Jeff Sessions Strike Back In 2015?: W. James Antle III


Unions launch recruiting push for immigrants protected by Obama actions: Fox
Shocker: Obama Administration Manipulated GDP Data: Howard Richman
New NLRB rules give unions workers’ email addresses and phone numbers: Fox

Scandal Central

House Interim Report on IRS Scandal: IRS No Longer a Neutral Tax Collector: Sara Noble
DHS Department Using GPS Devices To Track Illegal Aliens Caught, Set Free At Border: WZ
HHS won’t say if it’s preparing for a Supreme Court Obamacare nightmare: Jason Millman

Climate & Energy

Hot Stuff, Cold Logic: Richard Tol
David Suzuki, High Priest of Global Warming, Torn to Shreds on Australian Public TV: MB
States, biz groups back coal company in EPA climate rule lawsuit: Timothy Cama


The Ku Klux Con Job Award for Smearing Conservatives with Phony Racism Charges: NB
A Whopping 95% Of Black Americans Say Racism is a Signature National Issue: DownTrend
Man flips out when flight crew wishes him ‘Merry Christmas’; is kicked off plane to cheers: Unyielding

MARK LEVIN: “Yes they do have blood on their hands!”: Scoop
Top Trey Gowdy Rants From 2014: Western
Airline passenger tossed off plane after going nuts over staff’s ‘Merry Christmas’: John Hawkins


Obama's White Whale: Kenneth R. Timmerman
No Christmas Celebrations In Mosul, Iraq This Year: GWP
Santa as Hostage: ISIS Slaughters Reindeer in Christmas Message to Infidels: GWP

Israeli Girl Badly Burnt By Firebomb Tossed At Car: WZ
For third time this week, shots fired at Paris Jewish target: Times of Israel
IDF deploys Iron Dome near Netivot, Beersheba in wake of rising Gaza tensions: JPost

Germany: Over 17,000 Citizens Sing “Christmas Carols” in Streets… Muslims Are Furious: ConTrib
Like leftists here, Muslims torch police cars in Sweden: FAM
Why Does Nobody Want to Play with Turkey?: Burak Bekdil

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How Many Stars Did It Take To Make Us?: Fraser Cain
Gravity Sketch Tablet Lets You Draw In Mid-Air: Fastcodesign
Hubble Sees the Beautiful Side of Galaxy IC 335: Red Orbit


A Different Kind of Christmas List: 7 Best Unreliable CarMax Cars: Jalopnik
What it looks like inside your car’s engine: Holy Kaw!
How Do VC’s and Angels Value a Company?: P&F

Image: Hillary Clinton looks to shore up support on the left
Sponsored by: Boehner REPLACEMENT INSTRUCTIONS; Your step by step guide to replacing the SPEAKER!

QOTD: "Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Democratic front-runner for president, is working hard to shore up support among liberals in hopes of tamping down a serious challenge from the left in the battle for the 2016 nomination.

Clinton has aligned herself firmly with President Obama since the November midterms on a range of liberal-friendly issues, including immigration, climate change and opening diplomatic relations with Cuba. In an impassioned human rights speech this month, she also condemned the CIA’s use of harsh interrogation tactics and decried cases of apparent police brutality against minorities.

The recent statements suggest a concerted effort by Clinton to appeal to the Democratic Party’s most activist, liberal voters, who have often eyed her with suspicion and who would be crucial to her securing the party’s nomination." --Anne Gearan

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