Saturday, December 27, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: The Party of the Rich

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The Party of the Rich: Thomas Lifson
Likely GOP 2016 Field Diverse but Not Hyphenated: LI
Dear Gop: Show, Don’t Tell: Jonah Goldberg

Obama's Alternate Universe: Sara Noble
Mexican Cartel claims they have kidnapped Border Patrol agent: WAW
Only One-In-Four Obamacare Enrollees Returning To Sign Up Again: Robert Gehl

Erica Garner Tweets Link That Could Get Cop's Family Killed: Sara Noble
Race Rioters Target Fox News HQ: Here’s What They’re Planning: ConTrib
Several arrests made regarding threats against cops: NYPD: Fox

Thousands Pay Tribute To Murdered NYPD Rafael Ramos: Treehouse
Ferguson Protesters Abuse Janitor at Police Union Headquarters: ProgsToday
‘Shots fired’ at Chicago WinterWonderfest brawl: Twitchy


Justice Department Grants Linked to Cop-killing Rap Video: Alex Newman
Common Core: Why are 10th graders reading 50 Shades of Grey type books?: EAG
Welfare drug testing pilot program signed into law by Michigan Gov.: FreeRep

Scandal Central

Unanswered Benghazi Questions: First in a Series: Sharyl Attkisson
Judge Laura Johnson Frees Thug Who Assaulted Police: MB
Boehner and GOP Allowed Obama to Add thousands of Amnesty Workers With 2015 Budget: Wizbang

Climate & Energy

Tomorrow’s Weather Today: Matthew Hennessey
Google Goes Off the Climate Change Deep End: Paul Driessen
Oil companies struggle to sell off assets in down market: James Osborne


Loathsome Sharpton: Cops Speaking Out Against NYPD Murders are ‘Cheap Demagogues’: JWF
Left-leaning AP says police killings of blacks is year’s top story; I vote for Meriam Ibrahim: Allen West
Former Washington and Lee student expelled following rape accusation, sues school: CI

We Have a Moral Divide, Not a Racial One: Dennis Prager
Al Sharpton "a Vulgar Human Being" According to Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke : J4A
HILARIOUS: Boehner Wishes Merry Christmas – Social Media Responds With Anger: RWN


Obama Wants Group With Ties To ’93 And ’01 WTC Attacks Removed From Terror List: Shoebat
Bachmann: Obama Supports 'Agenda' of Muslims Who want to Turn 'U.S.' into 'Islamic Caliphate': Shoebat
I wonder how many more Muslims are now working in DHS?: BNI

Obama Promises to End 'Combat Mission' in Afghanistan 'Next Week': Daniel Halper
Christians on the Run from Iraq : Nina Shea
Winning: The Triumph Of Islamic Terrorism: StrategyPage

Imagine No Religion: Theodore Dalrymple
Nearly 20,000 People Marched In Anti-Islam Demonstration In Germany Yesterday: WZ
Horror night in Swedish Muslim ghetto: gang raped, raped until bleeding with a gun:

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Possible Hack Of Sony, Microsoft Game Console Sites: Scott Neuman, NPR
Review: Smith & Bradley Sans-13: Jerking the Trigger
The Greeks designed forerunner of the modern computer: CFP


The Left Is Upset With This Bad Bad Leroy Brown Parody About Michael Brown: IOTW Report
Don’t Tread on Metal: Nicholas James Pell
Skeptical Football: The NFC South Isn’t The Worst Division In NFL History: 538

Image: ‘Feed the Pigs’: Woman Arrested After Throwing Bacon in Police Department
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QOTD: "Where was President Obama throughout the long night of the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya? What decisions did the Commander-in-Chief make and what actions did he take while Americans were under assault on foreign soil? Considering that the U.S. embassy in Egypt had already been overrun earlier in the day, and that further attacks on other U.S. facilities were anticipated throughout the night, how involved was the President in tracking the volatile, regional developments?" --Sharyl Attkisson

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