Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Why don't you ask him about torture?

The corrupt, conscious-less, traitorous Democrat Party released the one-sided Senate report on interrogation techniques this week for one reason and one reason alone: to shriek "BUSH" at the top of their lungs one last time before the reins of power are ripped from their greasy hands.

The Democrat cruds -- it was an entirely partisan enterprise -- did not interview CIA directors during the time in question; did not interview CIA personnel during the time in question; and whitewashed their own involvement and approval of the techniques.

George Tenet, who headed the CIA under Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, and Porter Goss and Michael Hayden, two of his successors, as well as ex-deputies in the agency, notably the highly regarded Stephen Kappes, are blasting the report.

Their main objection is the absurd charge that enhanced interrogation did not save lives by gleaning key information from detainees. Indeed, high-ranking al-Qaida terrorists were captured because of information obtained through enhanced interrogation, which also revealed how al-Qaida worked.

Information from both KSM and Abu Zubaydah came because of the tough treatment. Among those captured because of such interrogation was Riduan Isamuddin, who was behind the Bali bombing in Indonesia in 2002, which killed hundreds of innocents.

As the former CIA chiefs wrote in the Wall Street Journal, "More than one quarter of the nearly 1,700 footnotes in the highly regarded 9/11 Commission Report in 2004" came as a direct result of the interrogations.

Getting ice water baths and being forced to go without sleep are perfectly legitimate tools if they save the lives of thousands of Americans, and they did.

Also, consider that [even] Secretary of State John Kerry tried to get Feinstein to delay the report, because it could put Americans at risk abroad. And that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel put U.S. military forces on "high alert everywhere in the world" because of the report's release.

These Democrats are absolutely the lowest of the low: they are willing to endanger America's best and brightest in order to score a few political points.

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Chris said...

The level of hypocrisy has jammed the meter's needle up against the peg and wrapped it around it.

These hyperventilating, panties-in-a-wad harpies (female, male, and ???) are the same slime balls (alternately, slime-without-balls) who were BRIEFED many times on what was planned and done, as well as wondering if there wasn't more that could be done.

These now-incredulous (golly gee, we never would have guessed) geniuses let the dogs off the leash, loudly commanded, "Sic 'em!" and then jumped up and down, pom poms waving, while they gleefully cheered, "Go team, go! Fight, team, fight!"

Now they're collectively on the fainting couch (getting a tad crowded there, it is), ready to throw under the bus those out on the pointy end of the spear who did their expressed bidding.

As they cry out for punishment for the "doers" of all this "evil" and those at the CIA who gave the orders, they conveniently ignore that it was they, themselves, who ordered the CIA to march forward. If the "foot soldiers" just "carrying out orders" are to be indicted, how about the ultimate order-givers? Does Nuremberg ring a bell?