Friday, December 19, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Why Obama Loves Dictators

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Why Obama Loves Dictators: Sara Noble
Norks Nix Yanks' Pix: Mark Steyn
‘Racial’ Cop Stories That Didn’t Make The Cut: Larry Elder

Mrs. Obama’s Tall Tales of Racialized Victimhood: Michelle Malkin
Sanctuary City Mayor Orders Security Fence, For His House: Sara Noble
Did Obama’s new Cuba policy just launch Rubio’s presidential campaign?: LI

The Empire Strikes Back: Jeff Sessions out as Budget Committee Chair: RS
Once Again, the Establishment Cries Foul Over a Stand for Principle: FW
Why the Individual Mandate is Still Super Unpopular: Julie Borowski

The Perfect Ticket: Clinton-Bush: Rush
GOP Sen. Mark Kirk Vows To Screen “The Interview” At Fundraisers: Surge
Surprise! Rauner says IL budget problems worse than expected: ABC-7


Reminder to the Uninsured: Obamacare Fines are Coming: RS
Shumlin: Single-payer ‘greatest disappointment of my political life’: Watchdog
CBS Poll: Fewer Americans Find Healthcare Affordable: Lid

Scandal Central

MO Lt. Gov. Demands That DOJ Make Ferguson Findings Public: Dana Loesch
Anti-Semites at Harvard to Stop Buying SodaStream Machines: NRO
Colorado sued by neighboring states over legal pot: Trevor Hughes

Climate & Energy

EPA: Time to Abolish, Not Merely Restrict: William F. Jasper
Energy usage reports designed to shame, VT couple says: Bruce Parker, Watchdog


President Obama Rewards Media Matters with a Political Nomination: PJM
Fake Conservatives In The Media: Cliff Kincaid
Nitwit Punk Seth Meyers: I'm OK With Elizabeth Warren Controlling My Money: NB

Capitulation Complete: Paramount Bans Showing of Team America: World Police: Ed Driscoll
When Hollywood Had Stones: The Stooges' gutsy move: IMDB
Bill Ayers applauds Obama's Cuba move, wants continued Cuban protection of fugitive terrorist: Marathon


Top 10 Lies in Obama's Cuba Speech : Breitbart
Cuba: Why was it decided secretly, and is it now open season on American kidnappings?: Allen West
Deal between U.S., Cuba culminated 18 months of secret talks: Miami Herald

EU Backs Palestinian Dictatorship: Khaled Abu Toameh
Hamas's International Triangle of Bases: Gaza, Turkey and Qatar: IPT
Woman who inspired #illridewithyou after Sydney jihad siege now admits she “editorialized”: JihadWatch

Cuba: What is the regime going to do?: Fausta
Australia, ISIS And The Role Of Guns: Herschel Smith
Islamic State Jihadi has executed at least 150 women in Fallujah, some pregnant: Scoop

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How to Lose a Cyberwar with North Korea: RS
2014 TopSpeed Performance Car Of The Year: TopSpeed`
In Just 22 Years, Car Theft Rates Have Plunged by 58 Percent: AutoTrends


“I’ve been mistaken for a valet” and Other Tales of the Dark Side: MOTUS
Touching Obama's robe somehow makes liars of everyone who surrounds him: Obiter Dictum
Meet the 'accidental American' with a big tax bill: Sophia Yan

Image: Kim's Plans
Sponsored by: Boehner REPLACEMENT INSTRUCTIONS; Your step by step guide to replacing the SPEAKER!

QOTD: "Jeb Bush has made it clear that he wants to win the Republican nomination without needing the votes of the Republican base, i.e., the Tea Party.

He doesn't want to have to sell his soul for the Tea Party vote. What that means is, he doesn't want to have to pretend to be a conservative at any time during the primary to get the Tea Party or conservative vote... He's not gonna pander. And as evidence, I offer you this from the Washington Times. This is back in 2009, May 3 of 2009, but it's important that you have this in the hopper.

"Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said Saturday that it’s time --" this is May 3rd of 2009, so five years ago, admittedly, but it fits nicely with yesterday. "Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said Saturday that it’s time for the Republican Party to give up its 'nostalgia' for the heyday of the Reagan era and look forward, even if it means stealing the winning strategy deployed by Democrats in the 2008 election." --Rush Limbaugh


Anonymous said...

Time after time these feckless, lying RINO's count on the fact that we will hold our collective noses and vote for them instead of the liberal, lying candidate. Damned if we do, damned if we don't because the RNC and DNC have been hideously entwined for years.

Anonymous said...

It would be funny if a Cyber attack on Hollywood started a war. Our gaze is being directed to the ridiculous while Obama gets away with the outrageous.
Wake me up in 2 years.

Andrew_M_Garland said...

Leftist elitism offers an explanation for why Leftists do not strongly oppose totalitarian governments such as in Iran, which currently restrict most of the social goods that Leftists say they want.

Progressives accept totalitarian regimes because of the progressive's own plan:
(1) Take control of government.
(2) Invest government with absolute power to make wise decisions.
(3) Guide society to peace, prosperity, and happiness.

A totalitarian regime has already accomplished (1) and (2). That regime may be nasty and currently against all of the progressive's desires, but the progressive doesn't want to throw away that accomplishment. The progressive wants to use diplomacy and cooperation to bend the totalitarian regime to progressive ends.

Finding a totalitarian regime in place changes the task of transformaing society into a type of grant proposal. The Leftist assumption is that our elite will convince their elite of a better way, without having to engage a large number of stupid peasants.

Anonymous said...

> GOP Senator Mark Kirk Vows To Screen “The Interview” At His Fundraisers

US Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) needs a distraction from his recent votes. Just off the top of my head:

> There was never, after all, a reason to rush an all-encompassing bill funding the federal government before appropriations ran out on Dec. 11. Instead of giving Obama virtually everything he wanted despite his party's historic drubbing at the polls last month, lawmakers could easily have drafted a stopgap spending bill to carry them over to January, when Republicans will control both chambers of Congress and have greater bargaining power in negotiations with the president.
> But they didn't. After hours and days of arm-twisting, they rammed an abominable spending bill through Congress that funds Obama's Democrat voter-importation program.
> It was an easy vote. A gimme.
> But to their everlasting shame, 20 Republicans voted to reject Cruz's point of order, waive the Constitution, and green-light Obama's amnesty.
> These quislings are Lamar Alexander (Tenn.), Kelly Ayotte (N.H.), John Barrasso (Wyo.), Dan Coats (Ind.), Thad Cochran (Miss.), Susan Collins (Me.), Bob Corker (Tenn.), John Cornyn (Texas), Mike Enzi (Wyo.), Jeff Flake (Ariz.), Lindsey Graham (S.C.), Orrin Hatch (Utah), Dean Heller (Nev.), Ron Johnson (Wisc.), Mark Kirk (Ill.), John McCain (Ariz.), Mitch McConnell (Ky.), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Pat Toomey (Penn.), and Roger Wicker (Miss.).

> Mark Kirk Abandons NRA, Second Amendment: Joins Dems to Confirm Anti-Gun Surgeon General