Friday, December 19, 2014

The Cromnibus, Illustrated

Courtesy of our pals at Liberal Logic 101:

And they wonder why Americans in flyover country are crazy about Ted Cruz and Mike Lee?


Anonymous said...

Yes, CRomnibus is a crap sandwich, but keeping an eye on the big picture, one must remember that the choice isn't between CRomnibus and perfection, but between CRomnibus with Shutdown Theaterm or CRomnibus without Shutdown Theater.

Remember how much good Shutdown Theater did for us last time. Given the media/DNC alliance, does anybody think that the holiday edition of Shutdown Theater would benefit conservatives?

Lest anybody get confused, there are only two things that matter between now and November 2016: 1 - Retake the Whitehouse, 2 - Win a congressional supermajority.

Don't get distracted on wedge issues, purity tests, or anything other than winning. If we don't win, nothing else matters. Period.

Anonymous said...

The Republican leadership was so worried about avoiding another government shutdown that they went along with the vast majority of the Democrats' wishes---while ignoring that just one year after the last shutdown, the voters added more Republicans to the House and gave them the majority in the Senate. Instead of following through on their promises to the voters, the Republicans basically gave the 2014 voters the finger!

AND, then they insult the American voters by lying and telling them that it is Cruz and Lee's fault that Reid is bring all Obama nominees up for a vote---HELLO, THE ONLY PEOPLE stupid enough to believe this lie are the same people who believed the lies Obama and the Democrats told America about Obamacare!