Sunday, December 28, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Not peaceful protests: Promoting a race war that will lead to "communist revolution"

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Not peaceful protests: Promoting a race war toward "communist revolution": Zombie
Meet The Agitators Behind The New York Protests And Cop Killings: NoisyRm
'Car plowed us down': LA demonstrators burn flag, block traffic: Twitchy

Muslim Congressman’s Ferguson Panel has Al Qaeda, Taliban Speakers : Tatler
Cops assassinated: the result of allowing an evil lie to grow: Lloyd Marcus
Partners in protest: The anti-Israel, cop-bash link: William Jacobson

A Mississippi Burning – The Curious Case Of Jessica Lane Chambers: Treehouse
A City on the Brink: Matthew Hennessey
'Liberated' Obama builds momentum: The Hill

De Blasio Speaks At Cops Funeral, Thousands of Police Officers Do This: Federalist
Oof: Bill de Blasio spurned by NYPD at Rafael Ramos funeral: Moe Lane
23,000 cops mourn slain brother at funeral: Post


Surprise: Medicaid Recipients Could See Significant Access Reductions: RWN
Marc Cuban Warns of a Massive Crash in the Education Market: Mac Slavo
Dem pols attempt to sic Feds on successful Wisconsin school choice program: EAG

Scandal Central

Unanswered Benghazi Questions: Second in a Series: Sharyl Attkisson
Sharyl Attkisson: Docs indicate ATF was using Fast and Furious to justify new gun regs: Thomas Lifson
IRS Says it ‘Mistakenly’ Penalized GOP Candidate Christine O’Donnell For a Second Time: RWN

Climate & Energy

Where Have I Seen This Before?: MB
Snow leaves thousands of motorists stranded in French Alps:
Man Goes To Bear Country To See Bears, Gets Mauled, Blamed On “Climate Change”: Cove


Alone for Christmas: Mark Steyn
Obama, Liberals Shocked; Discover Most Americans Still Want To Choose Own HealthCare: DownTrend
Oh, you wretched tallists!: Sweasel

Listen To Martin Luther King Jr Instead Of Al Sharpton: Hideout
Moonbats Celebrate Christmas by Assaulting Nativity Scenes: MB
Don Lemon Is Officially One Of The Worst Parts Of Journalism In 2014: Uproxx


The Destruction of the Middle East: Denis MacEoin
The Jihadist Connection to Epidemic Child Abuse: James Lewis
Van Plows Through Christmas Shoppers, While Driver Shouts ‘Allahu akbar’: IOTW Report

Iranian Army Social Media: IRGC Troops At Lebanon-Israel Border: MEMRI
As Russia’s Economy Collapses, Putin Cancels Holidays: WZ
Kim Jong-Un's People Call Obama A Horrible Racial Slur After The Interview Is Released: Perez Hilton

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Coca-Cola Headquarters Disconnects Office Voicemail in Effort to Increase Productivity: The Daily Meal
AirAsia Flight Goes Missing Between Indonesia and SIngapore: Slashdot
Outstanding photos of the X-15, the fastest manned aircraft ever made: Gizmodo


Thanks Sammie, and you can keep the shirt: MOTUS
The baby from Teletubbies reveals herself: Telegraph
$82,000 stolen from "social justice" nonprofit paid for plastic surgery, trips, Victoria's Secret: Trib

Image: Pic Of The Day: Justin Ramos Wears His Father’s Police Jacket At Funeral
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QOTD: "New York City’s anti-cop activists are scrambling for cover now that two NYPD officers, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, have been slain in cold blood on a Brooklyn street by a suspected gang member seeking revenge for the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. For the last several weeks, Gotham has been the scene of nightly, inflammatory protests against the NYPD. An assortment of self-proclaimed social-justice activists have disrupted traffic, assaulted officers, and demanded an end to Broken Windows policing. The city’s progressive elites, including Mayor Bill de Blasio and city council speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, have accommodated the protesters—offering them aid and comfort in the media, entertaining their wilder claims, and standing silent as they defamed the NYPD as racist killers....

...An institution can absorb only so much slander. Are the cops overly sensitive to criticism? If so, they have good reason: like officers Liu and Ramos, they put their lives on the line every day. They go to work every morning knowing that this could be the day they don’t come home. Not many of us can say that we understand what that feels like. Certainly, few of the angry undergraduates and middle-class trustafarians shutting down freeways and lying down in the middle of Grand Central know anything about it.

Bill de Blasio’s New York is an upside-down world, where a police force responsible for transforming a crime-plagued metropolis into the safest big city in America can be openly defamed—and where two more NYPD families [spent] Christmas in mourning. " --Matthew Hennessey


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Thanks for that X-15 spread-very very kewl. Didn't see any moslems though

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