Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Memo To House Republicans: If You Fund It You Own It

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Memo To House Republicans: If You Fund It You Own It: CHQ
Gruber Lawyers Up Regarding How Much Money He Made From Governments: Ace
Levin: Gruber hearings pointless; GOP will fund every cent of Obamacare: Scoop

The CIA, Interrogation, and Feinstein’s Parting Shot: Max Boot
Ex-Dem Senator: Why Does Feinstein Support Drones, But Not Torture?: DC
George W Bush declines to back-stab the CIA over waterboarding: Moe Lane

Gruber gets Gowdy-ed: LI
Issa to Gruber: Prepare for a Subpoena, Putz: Scoop
Dear Democrats You Did this to Yourselves: DTG

Second Ferguson Witness Reportedly Found Dead: MB
Senate Democrats Never Heard Anything About This "Torture" Business: Ace
Elizabeth Warren Goes Full Orwell: Ed Driscoll


Surprise? Ocare Has A Doctor Shortage: Cove
Obamacare’s Contracting Bonanza in 8 Charts: Jay Hancock
Madoff Ops. Chief Gets 10 Years: FINalternatives

Scandal Central

Leaked Docs: Obama Amnesty Increases Risk of Terrorism: Tea Party
Email Chain: Obama Intended to Destroy Legal Businesses With Harsh Regulations: LibertyNews
Lois Lerner Met With DOJ To Plot Against Tax Exempts As Early As Oct 2010: Lid

Climate & Energy

The Gods Have Made Them Mad: Jonathan David Carson
Climate Catastrophe: John Stossel
With future uncertain, Colorado shields its water: Stamford Advocate


Obama Cursed Reporters: Dossier
Mississippi Burning – Jessica Chambers Murder: Treehouse
Catalog of Krugman quotes regarding Gruber and Obamacare: Reddit Libertarian

Time Magazine: Lena Dunham Rape Allegation Fake But Accurate: Ed Driscoll
Mara Liasson: Gruber 'Could Be the Undoing of Obamacare': Breitbart
NBC Nightly News Breaks Silence on Jonathan Gruber 32 Days After First Video Surfaced: MRC

Obama gets huffy when Spanish host calls him the ‘Deporter-in-Chief’: Scoop
‘OMG! Hilarious!': Obama says ‘when we make mistakes, we admit them’: Twitchy
CBS’s Pelley Asks Former Acting CIA Director If He Feels ‘Ashamed’ After Release of ‘Torture’ Report: MRC


Make No Mistake, Dianne Feinstein Is Releasing The 'Torture' Report For Political Reasons: Lid
Former top Obama CIA official defends interrogation program: Marc A. Thiessen
Obama's Reaction to the Senate Report: Torture is Good: Chris Floyd

Ralph Peters: Releasing CIA report will “provide aid and comfort to the enemy”: Scoop
China Takes Nuclear Weapons Underwater Where Prying Eyes Can’t See: NoisyRm
Statement of Geert Wilders during His Interrogation by the State Police: Gatestone

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Glassdoor: Google dethrones Twitter as the best tech company to work for in the U.S.: VB
The Content Marketing Stack: Alltop
The Pirate Bay goes offline after police raid server room: Verge


The 2014 Hater's Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog: Drew Magary
Bumper Sticker o' the Day: Treehouse
The Best Quotes From Jack Donovan’s “The Way Of Men”: John Hawkins

Image: Obama’s immigration taunt: Next president won’t dare reverse my executive action
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QOTD: "As things get worse and the State seems powerless to help, the State will seem less and less legitimate. People will lose their moral connection to it. Laws will seem more like revenue traps and shakedowns. The state will start to seem more like another extortion racket, and, as in Mexico, people will have a harder time telling the good guys from the bad guys." --Jack Donovan


Anonymous said...

So dRATS have to decided to make it all about Bush all the time. These craven asshats and spittoons on the Titanic deserve to be hunted with dogs.
I expected more from Ann than disambiguation as she searches for the door but I suppose, as a poster remarked, she has merely been a "presenter" of the facts and not a reporter.

Anonymous said...

Democrat talking points are coming from the WH and reflect only Barry's "values" and quest to consolidate power. To present America to the world as some kind of moral compass when in reality is self-righteous posing (God I thank you that I am not as other men... I, I, I) is a solemn, great, and deadly danger to America.