Wednesday, December 31, 2014

BEST OF 2014: Stuff Bush Didn't Do, Illustrated

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Andrew_M_Garland said...

Even Nixon did not order the IRS to harass his political enemies.

Nixon had a list of enemies, and talked privately about using the IRS, but he didn't do it. That would have been unthinkable.

In this respect, Obama has much greater courage and follow through. When Obama thinks of a plan, he does it. He is a do-er. He is a leader, breaking new ground as he breaks our republic.

Anonymous said...

I didn't use the IRS because it would have been illegal! I was a bad man but if you read real history I was a damned good President. Even my resignation was for the good of the nation. Country over personal ambitions.

Joe Kidd said...

Bush didn't have us talking about "first-person pronoun density"

And he didn't use caskets as props.

blogagog said...

Nice use of gaussian blur! IT has a good feel to it. Mind if I steal the idea?

Bill said...

Great page. One nit to pick: Susan Rice was UNAmb, not Nat'l Sec. Advisor, when she was sent out to lie for the Administration. They had to go outside the chain of command to find somebody willing to try to deceive the country so blatantly. SecState Hillary wanted to keep her distance of course. So Rice got to show that she had the necessary lack of principle to advance to the Nat's Sec. slot.

Andrew said...

You forgot to mention that Obama is deporting people faster than Bush.

Anonymous said...

Bush didn't give Iran the ok to continue to make nuclear bombs and pay them 3 billion to help fund it.
Bush didn't tell Seria "you crossed the red line". How about sone tea with your cookies and you Mr. Putin what can I get for you?".
Impeach the fing criminal!!!! Before he completely destroys OUR country!!

Joe Kidd said...

I thought the following stories/links were related to this blog post...

VIDEO: Obama Slammed Bush Over Executive Power in 2008, Promised to "Reverse When I'm President"
An Executive Unbound -- Obama: "I've got a pen and I've got a phone"
(link also includes related stories and images/graphics)

Then there is this...
FLASHBACK: [Quoting] LOS ANGELES, April 26, 2013 — One day after a beautiful ceremony commemorating the George W. Bush presidential library, a bombshell was dropped by one of his former fiercest political opponents.
Donna Brazile wrote a column praising President Bush for his handling of Hurricane Katrina. The 2005 hurricane devastated New Orleans. It also ruined Bush’s second term by obliterating the rationale for his original candidacy: competence.[End quote]

IMO, if Donna Brazile wanted a clear conscience re: Katrina, she should've also written about the following incident, because nowadays, when I hear the word "Katrina," this is the story that immediately comes to mind. Obama is a chameleon.
From October 2012... 'Exclusive: In heated '07 speech, Obama lavishes praise on Wright, says feds "don't care" about New Orleans' [VIDEO] (4:14)
Yes, candidates use vernacular/drop into a lingo when campaigning, depending on where they are/who they're trying to reach, but this 2007 video clearly shows that Obama is a "community agitator" at heart. So much for him being truthful or unifying...

Boon Vickerson is out there said...

Bush wasn't an illegal alien,
Bush wasn't foreign born
Bush wasn't a usurper
Bush didn't promise to fundamentally transform America
Bush didn't open our borders to invaders
Bush didn't try to disarm Americans
Bush didn't purge our military of officers who don't lick their CINC' bots
Bush didn't negotiate with Islamists
Bush didn't install Muslim Brotherhood agents in our government
Bush didn't use the media to mislead people from the truth
Bush didn't steal and bailout the banksters with trillions of our dollars
Bush didn't betray the Israeli people in favor of supporting Islam
Bush didn't abandon Americans and Marines to the fate of tyrants
Bush didn't lie through his teeth to America everytime he opened his mouth
Bush wasn't a racist
Bush didn't hide his past
Bush didn't have a forged birth certificate
Bush didn't have Williams Ayers ghost write a book for him
Bush didn't need to commit massive vote fraud to become president
Bush was a natural born American
Bush didn't need the lap dog media to lie about him and cover up the truth
Bush didn't stir up racial hatred
Bush wasn't a red diaper baby
Bush didn't hate America
Bush wasn't a black man who dispised white people

Anonymous said...

It probably wasn't mentioned because it Was Not True
On the other hand:
Bush did not release tens of thousands of illegals being held in prison after committing felonies either

Tim said...

You know, if Woodward and Bernstein had investigated Watergate during a democrats presidency, we probably would never have heard of them.