Thursday, December 04, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Sen. Sessions Discovers Our Emperor’s Plans for a Mega-Immigration Center

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Sessions Discovers Our Emperor’s Plans for a Mega-Immigration Center: Sara Noble
Would You Please Click Here to Order John Boehner Some New Balls?: Erick Erickson
Shut Up About Obama’s Amnesty Plan Unless You Do This One Thing: Erick Erickson

On The Garner Case And Our Obligations As Guardians Of The Republic: CoS
NYPD Confirms Eric Garner Organized Crime Member in Staten Island: GotNews
Eric Garner and the Crime Drop: Commentary

Open Letter to Republicans in Washington: Daniel Horowitz
Feds Paid Group $76,000 Per Illegal Alien Child During Summer Surge: Tammy Bruce
Holder Plans Nationalized Police Force That Favors Minority Criminals: Sara Noble

Behold: Mary Landrieu in full meltdown: Guy Benson
Jeb Bush Just Can't Wait to Fight With Base!: Ace
Trey Gowdy says he'll let John McCain stop Obama's Amnesty: Erick Erickson


On the budget, John Boehner must learn from Brian Mulroney: RS
Obama lays out tax reform demands: Brian Hughes
Fed Yearns for Higher Inflation to Disguise Asset Bubbles: Peter Schiff

Scandal Central

BOMBSHELL SMIDGEN ALERT – Dept. of Treasury Blocks Release of IRS to White House Emails: Treehouse
Ferguson Would-Be Cop Killer May Have Ties to Unindicted Muslim Group: GotNews
LEVIN: Republicans should pass resolution declaring NULL AND VOID all unconstitutional presidential acts: Scoop

Climate & Energy

Climategate Five Years On: Mark Steyn


Dear Media: This Elizabeth Lauten Nonsense Is Why Everybody Hates You: Mollie Hemingway
Study: The Three Most Liberal Occupations are Academia, Entertainment Media, and the News Media: Ace
Media quick to self-censor when they fear damage their stories might do to beloved causes: ¡No Pasarán!

Who Will NBC Be Rooting For Tonight?: Ed Driscoll
It isn’t rape when Democrats do it: RS
Megyn Kelly Is the New Ratings Champ in Key Demographic at Fox News: Stephen Kruiser

Media Breathlessly Reports On GOP Staffer’s FB Post, Largely Ignores Gruber: Pocket
Latest Gruber Video Is The Worst One Of All For The Obama Administration: Lid
Nets Cover Mike Brown Death 23X More than the 130 Killed in Chicago: MRC


Midterms Killed Iran Deal: Dick Morris
RINOs Join Democrats In Cutting Military Benefits Right Before Christmas: WZ
World's First Anti-Islam Wine Hits the Market: Ed Driscoll`

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Comcast Ads "Reeducate" Public on TWC Merger's Net Neutrality "Benefits": DailyTech
The Real-Life Community Inside the ‘Abandoned’ Skyscraper From Homeland: Wired
Are you a robot? Introducing “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA”: GoogleOnlineSecurity


The Man Who Stole The Mona Lisa: C&S
Party of Hate: Sondrakistan
Two Things: C&S

Image: Party of Hate
Sponsored by: Here’s Your Target List Against Amnesty. Call These House Members NOW

QOTD: "Comcast hopes to reeducate the public and rewrite history to its benefit, winning public support for its hegemony ambitions

"Together is better" glows one ad. "See why together is better" chimes another. It all sounds like a feel good fantasy, but unfortunately we're talking about the Comcast Corp. (CMCSA) and Time Warner Cable Inc. (TWC) $45.4B USD merger. The "good news" apparently is the pending deal which would combine America's two largest cable service providers, leaving America with little competition -- "Comcastic!"

It's a pretty tough sell promoting the merge given that anyone with basic reasoning skills will recognize that the the merger would seriously reduce competition in the U.S. cable television and high speed internet markets, including virtually eliminating competition altogether in some select U.S. markets.

From a national perspective the merger would put one company in control of more than a third of the broadband internet market (33 to 50 percent depending on how you define "high-speed") and roughly 30 percent of the paid television market. Remove satellite TV and Comcast would control roughly 60 percent of the cable TV market..." --Jason Mick


Kelli McAllister said...

Doug - love ya longtime, but why are you including links to articles from almost a full year ago (Levin)?

directorblue said...

Kelli, it was trending on BadBlue because enough people thought it was relevant to today's situation... so I popped it in.

I'll try and do better in the future :-)

Bob Belvedere said...

Thank you, Doug.