Saturday, December 05, 2015

Larwyn’s Linx: San Bernardino Shooting Suspects Were Not On the Terrorist Watch List

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San Bernardino Shooting Suspects Not On Terrorist Watch List: Kerry Picket
How many Tashfeen Maliks have we brought in?: Daniel Horowitz
The Too-Friendly City: Ben Boychuk

AG Loretta Lynch will prosecute anti-Muslim rhetoric: Jenny North
Muslim who attacked Xmas party had terror ties; wife was “vetted” by DHS: Creeping
San Bernardino Terrorist To Jewish Victim: 'You Will Never See Israel': Hannity

Understanding Islam's real enemy: Individual Liberty: Stop Shouting
Protecting Ourselves From the Next Peaceful Massacre: Sultan Knish
Middle Eastern Men Arrested Near Mexican Border with Steel Cylinders: JW

Donald Trump opens 'yuge' lead over GOP field in CNN/ORC national poll: Nick Gass
Genius new Team Jeb strategy: Go nuclear on everyone except Trump: Hot Air
The Greatest Environmental Threat To The Planet: Liberals: Susan Brown


Granny Hillary Can’t Remember Her Plan To Deal With National Debt: LI
Granny Hillary confuses question on ‘hemp’ with one on a ‘hip replacement’: Twitchy
25,495,000: Number of Employed Foreign-Born Workers Hits Record High: Ali Meyer

Scandal Central

Obama/Jarrett Warn FBI Director Over Anti-Muslim Tone: DC Whispers
May We Have This in Writing, Please?: Gates of Vienna
Retired LAPD cops exempt from ban on high-capacity magazines: Times


Fiorina: San Bernardino Shooter’s Gun Bought for Police: Infowars
First Photo of Female San Bernardino Shooter Tashfeen Malik: ABC-13
Blame for Planned Parenthood killings rests with shooter alone: Jonah Goldberg

BIZARRE: Media allowed into CA terrorists’ apt; FBI and Police says investigation wasn’t OVER?!?: Scoop
MSNBC tampers with evidence at Redlands apartment VIDEO: FAM
The Attorney General of the United States Is Disgracing Herself: David French


Dec. 11 Congress will fund Obama’s Muslim refugee resettlement plan: Creeping
The Radicalization of Syed Farook: Brent Smith
ISIS's Campaign for Europe: Harleen Gambhir

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Don’t Lego of this amazing chart of every brick colour ever made: John Kennedy
The Universe is Dying? Now What?: Paul Sutter
Top 3 open source Python IDEs: Jason Baker


Fort Ticonderoga marking 240th anniversary of 1776 artillery feat: Army Tmes
Guns Or Butter: I‘ll Take Guns: MOTUS
7 Reasons You Should Buy a Gun After San Bernardino: Ben Shapiro

Image: Radicalized US Muslim was teased by colleagues about his Islamic beard
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #GuardianOfTheConstitution TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "Syed Rizwan Farook was heavily involved in his local mosque and focused his energies on memorizing the Quran, he wrote in a short-lived dating profile in 2013.

“I spend much of my free time in the masjid,” Farook, then 28, wrote on his profile for the dating site, He also enjoyed “memorizing the quran and learning more about the religion,” he added.

Farook reportedly had contact with known terrorists in the Middle East. He has also traveled to the Middle East and to Pakistan multiple times. It has also been reported that Farook viewed ISIS propaganda online. Investigators found a heavy arsenal of guns, ammunition and pipe bombs at their house in Redlands, Cal." --Chuck Ross

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Anonymous said...

One can pick up from the stories surrounding these Muslim shootings that there is reconnaissance being performed before, during and after the events, and this doesn't bode well for the American guinea pig, I mean, citizen. I expect the Director of the FBI will resign, and the lock step of the Zero Administration will sound more like hob nail boots than the praises of children singing.