Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Larwyn’s Linx: Rubio vs. Paul vs. Cruz on Foreign Policy

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Rubio vs. Paul vs. Cruz on Foreign Policy: Conservative Review
Hillary Clinton’s Health Is An Issue: Edward Klein
Trump's Primary Lead Is Bigger Than Hillary's: Ethan Epstein

Debate Line of the Night -- Cruz: 'Political correctness is killing people': Ryan Lovelace
Trump's Best Night, and Cruz Wounds Rubio on Amnesty: James Kirkpatrick
Trump has mastered the art of making Jeb seem small: William A. Jacobson

Cruz: ‘I’ll build a wall and have Trump pay for it’: Ryan Girdusky
Republican Debate Opens With Ted Cruz Enjoying Strongest Hand: Philip Elliott
10,000 Kids Caught Sneaking Across Southern Border in Last Two Months: Sarah Fisher

Rubio, Cruz in Fierce Exchange Over Illegal Immigration at CNN Debate: David Rutz
Serial Liar and GOP Chairman Says There Will Be No Brokered Convention: Hannity
Jeb! vowed Trump would be in decline by 12/15. That didn’t happen.: Ed O'Keefe

Congress reaches deal on spending and tax cuts: Susan Ferrechio
Unlimited Muslim immigration: A Congress of fools or traitors?: Lawrence Sellin
Why the war on guns has failed: Jonah Goldberg


The Economics of Unreality: The Z Man
Bipartisan Senate bill would cut H-1B visas: Susan Ferrechio
Hiking Without a Map: Barry Ritholtz

Scandal Central

Vetting Obama’s Witless Vetters at DHS: Michelle Malkin
The Obama Doctrine: Ace
Security Dies Where Multiculturalism Thrives: Ben Shapiro


Two Glaring NYT Displays of Ignorance About CAIR in One Day: Steven Emerson
Gun Control Supporter Threatens To Murder Reality Show Star: Bob Owens
Sarah Palin's favorites: Donald Trump and Ted Cruz: Eric Bradner

3 Troubling Signs Ahead: Dan Bongino
The ‘Diversity’ Hustle: R.S. McCain
Sam’s Club CEO admits she discriminates against white males, but it’s ok since she’s black female: Carmine Sabia

Mark Cuban Dishes On Why He Thinks Trump Will Lose: Nicole Russell
Donald Trump Goes Off on CNN: Debate Was Unprofessional and Unfair”: GWP
What is “Countering Violent Extremism”?: GoV


Syrian Refugees In Norway Have Pictures Of Severed Heads And Executions On Their Phones: Jim Treacher
Brad Thor artfully sums up Hillary’s upcoming ‘360-degree strategy’: Twitchy
Assyrians Tell of Destruction and Abductions in Town Invaded By ISIS: Matt Brown

Iceberg Warning: 4th Generation Warfare Brought Home: Stop Shouting
Obama’s Favorite New Anti-Israel BDS Group Joins Him for Chanukah: Daniel Greenfield
Report: British girls raped and abused by Muslim grooming gangs on ''Industrial Scale'': Speisa

Chinese Submarine Practiced Missile Attack on USS Reagan: Bill Gertz
ISIS Inc: Loot and Taxes Keep Jihadi Economy Churning: Erika Solomon and Sam Jones
Russian cruise missile flies off target and smashes into apartment block in village: DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Spiders perform female genital mutilation to ensure faithfulness.: Discover
Ralph Lauren PoloTech Smart Shirt: Robb Report
HeLi-on is a solar panel charger that can fit in your pocket: Android Community


No Words: ნიჭიერი
Then and Now: Ace
Texas plumber whose old truck surfaced with Syrian terrorists sues dealership: Fox

Stop!: Earl of Taint
Liberal Logic and Other Nonsense: Woodsterman
Paul Ryan Comes Up With Utterly Brilliant Winning 2016 Strategy! Or, Um, Not.: Ben Shapiro

Image: Andrej Schilder, "Autumn Forest" (n.d.)
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #ConstitutionMan: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "MSNBC's Chris Matthews was not amused after a conservative reporter asked him Tuesday evening at the GOP presidential debate whether he still has a "thrill" up his leg.

The question, which came Tuesday from the Media Research Center's Dan Joseph, is a reference to when Matthews infamously said in 2008 that President Obama's speeches sent a "thrill" up his leg.

"How's your leg?" Joseph asked after introducing himself.

"What leg?" the cable news pundit responded.

"The leg. Is the 'thrill' still there?" Joseph asked.

Mathews, understanding that he was being punked, responded, "You can go to hell. Just go to hell, will you? Just leave me alone."" --T. Becket Adams

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