Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Disqualification List For President

By Karl Denninger

If you vote for, support, donate to or otherwise have anything to do with these candidates you are a traitor to this nation and deserve to be stripped of your citizenship and deported to North Korea.

The list now includes:

  • Senator Lindsey Graham
  • Senator Rubio, who did not show up to vote.

Why?  Not just because they voted for or didn't show up on the Omnibus spending bill, which for all intents and purposes gives Democrats everything they wanted.

No, it's because the bill included CISA, a broad-reaching internet "security" bill that not only provides for warrantless interception of anything it also provides for blanket and permanent immunity for companies that provide said interception.

I remind you that Paul Ryan, Republican speaker of the house, brought this crap to the floor and pushed it through.

This is far worse than what was originally proposed, which allowed such "sharing" only for "imminent threat" law enforcement purposes beyond terrorism investigations.  Now the interception can be used for virtually any law-enforcement purpose, and you can bet it will be too.  Posted a bong selfie picture two years ago, did you?  Oh bummer.....

The 4th Amendment in cyberspace literally died right here, right now, today and it was the Republican and Democrat Parties together that lit it on fire and shoved it up your ass, America.

Make sure you provide the requisite thunderous applause for Emperor Palpatine and his Imperious Senators.


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