Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Larwyn’s Linx: The Sleepwalkers

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The Sleepwalkers: American Digest
‘Religion of peace’ is not a harmless platitude: Douglas Murray
Visibly unsteady Granny Clinton clings to walking aid while wearing a throw rug: JWF

The Great Republican Revolt: David Frum
Why Some Senators are Falsely Claiming They Opposed the Omnibus: CR
I’ll be glad to explain to you why conservatives are supporting Trump: Herman Cain

Marco Rubio’s Path to Victory: Erick Erickson
Clout Research Poll: Trump Leads With 40%, Leads Among All Key Demos: Treehouse
Kornacki: To Stop Trump And Cruz, An Establishment Candidate Must Win NH: RCP

It's Not ISIS We Need to Defeat: It's the Caliphate: Daniel Greenffield
“The Effect Of Constitutional Carry On Crime?”: Extrano's Alley
Florida Muslim Leader Commemorates Hamas, Calls Jews Monkeys and Pigs: Joe Kaufman

Guns vs. Cars (and Drugs): Robert VerBruggen
BREAKING: No More Colt 1911s In California?: Bob Owens
Exercising your Second Amendment rights is now a taxable activity in Seattle: Matt Vespa

Tamir Rice Shooting: Can You Pick Out Which Is A Real Gun?: William Teach
OHIO: Muslim Supremacists Won’t Take No For An Answer: Shoebat
Jihadists Do the Strangest Things: Dr. Stephen M. Kirby


More than ten percent of your income is going to Obamacare: WyBlog
Missouri: Seven Muslims plead guilty in $1.7M food stamp fraud: Creeping
Minimum Wage Increases Spell Disaster for America's Retail Companies: CR

Scandal Central

Muslim ACLU Director: 'I Emphatically Refuse' to Condemn Terrorism: Trey Sanchez
State Dept. counts 'bringing peace' to Syria as a 2015 win: Eliza Collins
CIA Fooled by Massive Cold War Double-Agent Failure: Bill Gertz

Climate & Energy

A Physics view of Climate Change: Ed Berry
Remember: Al Gore Said The Oceans Will Erupt In Flames Next Month: Extrano's Alley


We’re All Fascists Now: James E. Miller
New York Times Tries to Blame Congress for Obama's ISIS Failure: Daniel Greenfield
And They Wonder Why No One Believes Media “Fact Checkers”: RS

How Polls Manipulate Voters, No Matter The Results: Mandi Ancalle
More Lies by Politicians: Kirby Said
Retired President Decides to Run Her Mouth While, Get This, On Vacation: Ace

Major Evangelical Leader Throws Support Behind Trump Plan to Suspend Muslim Immigration: Hannity
The Liberal Ivy League Gun Study That’s Been Kept Locked Up: Raise the Flag Report
DHS Likes Me Too: Joe Huffman

In WABC Report, Palestinian Assailants Are the Victims: CAMERA
The New York Times Joins the 'ISIS Is Too Scary For Free Speech' Movement: Anthony L. Fisher
QQQ: MagFarm


Globalist George Soros Fears Nationalist Donald Trump…: Treehouse
$2,957,000,000: U.S. Taxpayers Will Fund Lion’s Share of UN Budget Again in 2016: CNS
Sweden, November 2015: Rapes, Acquittals and Severed Heads: Ingrid Carlqvist

Why Russia and China Aren’t Friends: AmInt
The Ugly Truth About Avoiding War With China: John Glaser
A Nervous George Soros Lashes Out At Donald Trump: He Wants You To Be Afraid: ZH

The Palestinian Authority Will Find No Friend in ISIS: Pinhas Inbari
Report: Palestinians Using Laser Pointers to Blind Israeli Drivers: David Daoud
Family Planning in the New Europe: Mark Steyn

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Extremely rare giant squid sighting caught on camera: The Week
Year in review: Not all bodies act their age: Meghan Rosen
Fiorina: I rushed out HP servers to power NSA snooping. Mwahahaha!: The Register


“Colored” Guns Are Racist: MOTUS
Two Teachers Charged for Having Sex With 16-Year-Old Boy: JWF
How Can We NOT Endorse Donald Trump? He Just Endorsed iOTWreport: iOTWreport

Hey, You Guys, It Is Now ‘Anti-Feminist’ to Say Feminists Are ‘Not All Lesbians’: R.S. McCain
Huckabee and the Hooker!: Enquirer
#BlackLivesMatter Get Trolled in Epic Prank: Diogenes

Image: The best video game women of 2015
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #ConstitutionMan: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "With control of -- or a significant presence in -- roughly 30 percent of districts across the nation, according to Western and Afghan officials, the Taliban now holds more territory than in any year since 2001, when the puritanical Islamists were ousted from power after the 9/11 attacks. For now, the top American and Afghan priority is preventing Helmand, largely secured by U.S. Marines and British forces in 2012, from again falling to the insurgency.

As of last month, about 7,000 members of the Afghan security forces had been killed this year, with 12,000 injured, a 26 percent increase over the total number of dead and wounded in all of 2014, said a Western official with access to the most recent NATO statistics. Attrition rates are soaring. Deserters and injured Afghan soldiers say they are fighting a more sophisticated and well-armed insurgency than they have seen in years." -- Sudarsan Raghavan

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