Thursday, December 10, 2015

TRUMP IS RIGHT: No More Soft Targets

By Karl Denninger

Trump did what Trump always does when he gets the mic -- he said what he thinks.

The Donald called for an immediate halt to all Muslims coming to America -- as tourists, as refugees, as immigrants.

Not permanently, but for now, until we figure out exactly what we did wrong, how we can fix, and we fix it.

“Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life,” Trump said in a statement.

The reaction from the others in the race -- and Muslims -- was immediate and loud.  He was called racist, unhinged, divisive, dangerous, a demagogue and more.

But there's a problem with all the screaming: He's right.

Note that what Trump didn't say, and in fact pointed out later, was that this would not be a permanent policy change.  Not only would that be unreasonable it would be stupid.  But to halt the flow of people into the country that happens to include essentially all terrorists in today's world until we change our national policies to deter the effectiveness of terrorism and better detect those who are terrorists is not only intelligent it is necessary.

Our idiotic policies on a national level did not occur overnight.  Nor will fixing them.  Until we fix them, and fixing them will require debate, discussion and ultimately legislation we must put a stop to the jihadis coming here and wreaking havoc.

We are at war and it was not our declaration of war, it was theirs; it does not matter whether we also declare war or not as it was declared upon us, repeatedly.

There are several things we must address in this country when it comes to terrorism.  They're not optional but addressing them requires that we have that discussion, debate, examination and that action be taken.  They include:

  • We must hold to account those government agencies and individuals that through gross negligence or even intentional blindness put political correctness before their job.  This means not only firing people it means prosecuting them as accessories before the fact when that political correctness, jacking off instead of working, infighting between agencies and similar lead to tangible harm such as occurred with 9/11, at Ft. Hood and in California.  In all three cases and many others government agencies knew damn well there was a problem because all the information necessary to stop the attack was present and in the hands of government employees yet they did nothing about it.  I accept that there will be missed opportunities and mistakes.  We're human.  I refuse to accept malfeasance, misfeasance and intentional blindness.

  • We must enforce the law when it comes to immigration, employment and related matters. There has been exactly zero enforcement of these matters over the last 20 years. Every employer already must file payroll taxes and thus provide identification (in the form of a Social Security number) on a weekly basis and every one of those forms is required to be truthful.  We do exactly nothing to the employers who willingly and knowingly file false documents on a weekly basis or worse, file nothing yet pay employees.  We can stop this crap right now without passing a single new law and until we do and make those who are here illegally whether due to an overstayed visa, intentional violation of our immigration laws or as a result of intending to either spread or commit jihad unemployable and jail those who have enabled this behavior we must shut off the spigot.

  • We must restore the Second Amendment in full and as-written on a national basis.  Once we have addressed both ordinary and gross negligence by the government when it comes to our existing body of law we must then remove the premise of a "soft target" from the American lexicon. Criminals do not obey the law, that's why they're called criminals.  But criminals of all sorts, whether the ordinary "carjacking" or jihadist type, do fear being ventilated as soon as someone sees them attempt to commit a violent, deadly felony.  It is both logistically and fiscally impossible to have enough cops and FBI agents to cover the entire nation in this regard, never mind the outrageous violations of civil rights and privacy that would be required to accomplish that task even if you could physically do so, which you can't.  However, every mass murder incident whether terrorism or not has one common element -- a group of victims who are murdered.  The only low-to-zero cost deterrent that we know will work is to dramatically raise the percentage of those potential victims that are armed all the time, and this means putting a stop to the over 50,000 gun-related laws that impede and trample every citizen's right to protect themselves and their loved ones in the gravest extreme.  Those federal, state and local officials who refuse to take this action through repeal of all of these blatantly unconstitutional laws or attempt to interfere with doing so must be prosecuted and locked up under existing federal law, specifically 18 USC 242 that proscribes hard federal felony time for violations of civil rights under color of law or authority.  Enough with the shooting ranges in schools and at Christmas parties damnit.  Those officials who create such situations are guilty of federal felonies and must be imprisoned now.

 Once all three of these areas are addressed -- when we have put a stop to all of the above then we can allow those who wish to come to this country to do so having been vetted through a process where those doing so are accountable for their negligence or worse.

They will come to an America that has no "soft targets" and, in all probability, if we miss one or more they will choose somewhere else to commit their violence.

But if they do not then their intended victims will have both the ability and, one hopes, the desire, to fight back rather than cower in the corner as they're slaughtered like pigs in a meat-packing plant.

Trump is right once again.



commoncents said...

Talking Points Memo: Trump Should Thank Obama, Left-Wing Media for Surging Poll Numbers

mtnforge said...

In our great country, and make no mistake this is our country who believe in Liberty and the virtues of liberty and freedom, to the cultural marxist trying to destroy our home our freedoms, our way of life, in the age of universal deceit these cultural marxists and their ilk have constructed, the Truth is a revolutionary idea to them.
Mr. Trump is right.
He has been right and truthful about everything.
And no matter how painful the truths to whomever, tough shit.
This country isn't some tool to be used and then discarded and flushed down the crapper of history like a piece of toilet paper.
Mr. Trump is right too to speak his mind no matter how much of an "inconvenient truth it is.
And anyone with a lick of sense in their heads knows the truth counts for everything.
Anyone who naysays otherwise is crazy.

Anonymous said...

"Not permanently, but for now, until we figure out exactly what we did wrong, how we can fix, and we fix it."

Makes perfect sense to me. How anyone else can think otherwise is mind boggling & dishonest.