Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mark Levin Unloads on @BritHume and Charles @Krauthammer as @FoxNews @SpecialReport Continues to Lurch Left

As expected given the stellar debate performances of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, the panicked "analysts" at the Fox News channel locked arms with the Chamber of Commerce tonight to air an infomercial for Marco Rubio.

The Special Report panel this evening featured a trio of open-borders, pro-Amnesty establishment apologists who appeared to have donned matching "Vote for Marco" T-shirts (their "Vote for ¡Jeb!" tees having quietly been donated to Goodwill).

Perhaps these rocket scientists might consider why the Fox Business Channel is now the fastest growing cable channel in the U.S. (hint: Lou Dobbs is a rock-ribbed conservative, for starters).

The invaluable Mark Levin let FNC have it tonight and Breitbart's Jeff Poor was on the case:

Levin first singled out Washington Post columnist and Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer for criticizing Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump for switching his positions. Levin pointed out that Krauthammer was a speechwriter for former Vice President Walter Mondale, who ran against Ronald Reagan as the Democratic vice-presidential nominee in 1980 and as the Democratic presidential nominee in 1984.

“I’ll tell you something else – I’m sick and tired of his intelligence being questioned by the stupidos on cable TV,” Levin said. “He’s an incredibly brilliant man, as are many of the people on that stage – incredibly. We got to sit here and listen to former Mondale staffers – a Mondale staffer says, ‘Well, he changes his view —’”

“Here’s a guy – our friend Charles – who worked for Walter Mondale when Ronald Reagan was president, who supported Carter and Mondale against Reagan and Reagan,” he continued. “And he changed his view but apparently only he can change his view. And now he’s Mr. Conservative. OK, fine, fine – but you are a bit of a hypocrite.”

Later in the segment Levin took aim at Fox News Channel senior political analyst Brit Hume, who he argued had an “obsessive hate” for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), also a candidate for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.

“By the way, I have to say this and I don’t want to say this because I like the man, but he is exposing himself, so be it,” Levin said. “I don’t know of anybody that has more obsessive hate for Ted Cruz than Brit Hume at Fox. It’s not personal. I’m just telling you what I observe. Go ahead and read his – look, it’s open. Go ahead and read his Twitter comments. It’s incredible.”

Levin then returned to Krauthammer, noting it wasn’t personal but that Trump was still better than Mondale in his estimation.

“And I don’t know of anyone that has more hate for Donald Trump than Charles Krauthammer,” he added. “Let me just say this Charles: Trump is a thousand times better than Mondale, the guy you used to work for. Just a comment, nothing personal. And yet these guys are throwing bricks, they’re shooting arrows at everybody and if you say anything, ‘Oh no, I’ll never be invited back.’ I banned myself.”

You can listen to Levin here.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.


Anonymous said...

It is becoming more and more difficult to watch Fox News. Mark Levin has nailed it!

Bookdoc said...

I do check out the news occasionally but hit the websites more. You just have to understand what you are looking for. PMSNBC is the raving lunatic left. CNN is the voice of the democrat party. Fox chimes in for the establishment republicans and the chamber of commerce, and various local networks cover what the liberal editor in that area wants to emphasize and so on so you have to know what slants are at work.

Doom said...

Too bad about Hume. Kraut was a know sell. I figured Hume was too, but he kept it on the outs, mostly. They must truly be in trouble to cut that middling higher level fish throat. They have simply screwed themselves twice over. They lost one middle weight and definitely didn't help their cause. All good.