Monday, December 14, 2015

MARK LEVIN: "Trump Really Screwed Up This Weekend"

By CR Wire

On Monday night’s radio program, Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin called out Donald Trump for mimicking the statists and the Republican establishment by attacking rival Ted Cruz and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia over the weekend.

Levin cited three “reckless comments” made by Donald Trump.

First, Mr. Trump joined in with a leftist on CNN to dump on Justice Scalia, who’s comments during oral argument have been unfairly accused of being racist. Conservatives know better.

Second, Levin said that Mr. Trump’s insinuation that Ted Cruz is bought and paid for by Texas oil companies because he opposes ethanol was “stupid.” Ethanol subsidies are a “typical, big-government, Stalinist program” and conservatives know better than to criticize a candidate who opposes government waste. Announcing your support for ethanol subsidies because you’re campaigning in Iowa is pandering.

Thirdly, Levin declared that Mr. Trump sided with the Republican establishment when he called Sen. Cruz a “maniac” for refusing to go along with the Washington establishment in the Senate. Isn’t Mr. Trump himself running an anti-establishment campaign? Why would he adopt Establishment talking points to attack another conservative?

Levin went on to say that running a populist campaign by abandoning conservative principles is nothing more than liberalism. If Mr. Trump is a conservative, he should not be attacking another conservative from the left.


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Anonymous said...

Levin called for conservatives to unite around one candidate last year when Jeb was laying the groundwork to announce. He said we should coalesce behind the leader so as to prevent another GOPe cram down getting us Romney v.2.

So here we are a year later-Trump has been leading since Day 1 when he announced. He continues to climb steadily. He's in the low 40s! and crushing EVERYONE-he has the left dominated media absolutely out of their minds-he is directing addressing the nightmare with common sense solutions we all easily understand.

OTOH we have Cruz who has lied and flip flopped numerous times. Yet there is not a doubt in the world that this is who Levin supports. He was just looking for some bullet points he could bash Trump with so he can sound all fucking high and mighty supporting a guy who Trump has 3X!! the support of.

I do not agree with Trump and ethanol subsidies-Cruz has said lets remove all energy subsidies. Can he have other motives? Honestly, with him getting 10s of millions in supper pac donations, really who the fuck can say?? But you can say this without equivocation, Trump had it bagged-he's 69 years old and DID NOT NEED THIS SHIT, he's a multi billionaire. He has told any super pacs collecting money in his name to stop. He is beholden to no one. NO ONE.

Robert Mercer is a huge open borders guy-Cruz wanted(he flipped) 100s of 1,000s of H1B visas-Mercer has ponied up MILLIONS-that's not raising any eyebrows??

And I won't even go into Heidi Cruz and her ties to banks that are too big to fail.

Levin used to be a nightly thing with me-never missed a show. But now? Hypocrites aren't worthy of my time despite all of the great other shit about him.

directorblue said...

With all due respect, Levin and Cruz have been lifelong defenders of the Constitution.

Any candidate has flaws (hell, you could pick out 100 things Trump's done in the past and call 'em into question).

But since they were teens, both Cruz and Levin have stood up for conservative principles and felt the ire of the establishment.

At least we know precisely what we are getting.

Anonymous said...

"At least we know precisely what we are getting."

Cruz is still a politician, I am uneasy about the above statement.
It is all really broken. Non of the establishment seems to think for themselves.

A pundit is just that. I don't believe any of them anymore.

Anonymous said...

The more Trump (or any candidate) talks, the more we can get the full measure of what policies he advocates and why. Just as important, we start to get an idea of how he would deal with the issues and events that are still over the horizon. The answer to Trump is more Trump, not less.

The same applies to Cruz, as much as I like him now.

-- theBuckWheat