Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Only One Man Can Reverse Obama’s Damage

By Dan Friedman

No one even comes close to Ted Cruz’s ability to put Obama’s evil genie back in the bottle. He’s the complete package. He understands the law, Congress and its politics.

He loves our Constitution and our country with a passion.

His sincerity, integrity and eloquence speak for themselves. He’s not afraid to butt heads with his own party. And he has a brilliant mind and a superb intellect that he will bring to bear on Day One of his presidency to heal the deep wounds Obama has inflicted on us at home and abroad.

If you want someone who can get us on track again, why settle for second best when we can have an American leader who’s the genuine article? Let’s grab the brass ring while it’s still in reach. A man like Ted Cruz doesn’t come along everyday.

Watch this short video and see if you agree: Sen. Ted Cruz: Here’s How to Win the Battle Against ISIS.

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Anonymous said...

I do agree. Cruz is the true statesman and he is brilliant. And, the RINOs despise him. That's almost reason enough to vote for him. But, his stance on many important issues (and dangerous ones) I also agree with. He is the only one who will NOT capitulate to pressure from Tom Donohue of the US Chamber of Commerce and the RINOs and the Democrats. The current GOP leadership are traitors. Especially Paul Ryan. He is worse than Boehner. Ryan absolutely MUST be primaried next year by a principled conservative and LOSE the Speakership AND his seat. Ryan needs to go the way of Eric Cantor. Get rid of him.