Saturday, December 26, 2015

The 10 Dumbest Gun Control Political Cartoons of 2015

Perhaps not just 2015. Maybe the dumbest of all times.

Say, you mean stricter gun control laws will stop terrorism? No one tell the 300+ victims of the terror attack in Paris, where civilian ownership of guns is prohibited.

The government's arbitrary, capricious and mandatory CAFE (fuel efficiency) standards are responsible for tens of thousands of deaths and many more crippling injuries. The left's insane push to ban DDT sentenced millions of the world's poorest children to death by mosquito-borne diseases like malaria. But it's the "assault rifle", don't ya know, that's evil. The leftists never mention that such weapons are used in a small fraction of the less than two dozen mass shootings that occur each year, according to a 34-year study of such events by Northeastern University. But facts are of no concern to the totalitarian Left, to be sure.

Actually, the only parties that celebrate shootings are the Leftist politicians and media types who can't even wait for the blood to dry before politicizing these events, blaming conservatives, the NRA, and others for terror attacks like those in San Bernardino, Garland, and Fort Hood.

Let us recall that the nefarious and evil Dianne Feinstein waited for a year to unveil gun control legislation, introducing it just hours after the Sandy Hook mass shooting. She was the one celebrating the attack, not the NRA, and she'd been anxiously awaiting such a rare event to seize your rights.

One of the dumbest gun control cartoons ever. Most people don't want "assault weapons bans". Most people oppose stricter gun control. That's the "will of the people", schmuck, and if you feel otherwise, do the hard work to repeal the Second Amendment.

Actually, the greatest gun salesman in the history of the world is Barack Obama, who never fails to use a terrorist attack to try to disarm the American people.

The facts are these: Americans are buying more guns than ever because they don't trust this President, Hillary Clinton, or the rest of the Socialist Democrat Party.

This tired old canard is debunked by anyone with even a modicum of knowledge of the founding. Americans demanded the right to keep and bear military grade weapons because they had just battled the British government, an all-powerful, centralized government.

The new government of the United States was intended to equip every able-bodied citizen with the tools of liberty, to wit: "our nation’s oldest writings seem to show that the 'arms' which citizens could keep and bear included some of the most advanced and destructive weapons known at the time."

I wonder what the odds of being killed by an illegal alien (drunk driver, gang-banger, or other violent criminal) are? According to the federal government itself, illegal aliens committed three million (3,000,000) crimes from 2003 to 2009, including more than 42,000 homicides and more than 25,000 kidnappings.

Shhh. But no one mention illegal aliens. Just the very rare mass shooting in a country of more than 300 million.

It's not the fault of the psychotic wielding a gun, or using a car to run over pedestrians on the Vegas Strip, or slashing innocents with a knife. No, it's the NRA at fault. Got it, Sparky.

Yes, because as concealed carry has become more prevalent around the U.S., things have gotten more dangerous. Oh, wait. No, they haven't.

Actually, putz, those on the left and the right have praised the NRA's Eddie the Eagle program, aimed to make sure kids stay safe around guns. But facts are of no concern to the Left.

Hat tip: BadBlue Gun News.


Anonymous said...

We are advised to not judge all Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics.
Yet we are encouraged to judge all Gun Owners by the actions of a few

Anonymous said...

You could have the same analogy with the JFE.

(pic of 0bama) Commie America Hating Marxist, raised by Commies, Mentored by Commies, Seeks Commie Friends.

(pic of 0bama) Precedent of USA

commoncents said...

Breaking: Peyton Manning linked to doping scandal

Anonymous said...

Real common sense would be to wait for facts to come out before posting unfounded stories. But that does not stop "commoncents" from resisting the urge to discredit a popular public figure. It is a sport to people like commoncents.

Bird of Paradise said...

Liberal journalists are bare faced liars all you have to do it watch the main stream news or read the papers and news magazines to know just what a bunch of liars they are thats why the american citizens trust in the news media is at a all time low of 32%