Saturday, December 19, 2015

Larwyn’s Linx: Had Enough? Sellout Repubocrats Must be Defeated

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Had Enough? Sellout Repubocrats Must be Defeated: Tom Tancredo
When the Arab Spring Blooms in Paris and San Bernardino...: Mark Steyn
FBI Alerted About Group of Middle Eastern Men Asking About Missouri Dam: Debra Heine

Bernie Sanders sues DNC over voter data: Ariel Cohen
Obama Poised to Tighten Gun Laws After Holidays: John T. Bennett
L.A. County considers requiring gun owners to buy insurance: Abby Sewell

RIP Republican Party: Brian Joondeph
The Stupid Party Collapse: The Z Man
Syrian immigration quietly tops 100,000 since 2012: Joseph J. Kolb

Mike Lee Says Rubio's Claims on Cruz are Bulls***: RCP
Bernie Sanders Accuses Trump of Nazism at Mosque with Nazi Past: Daniel Greenfield
Obama Lists His Top 10 Favorite Things For 2015: William Teach


Obama Begins Redistributing Poor Inner City Families to US Suburbs: Jim Hoft
When Guns are Outlawed , Only Outlaws will have Government Jobs: WeaponsMan
Reid spikes the football: 'Successful year for Democrats': Pete Kasperowicz

Scandal Central

Clinton data breach, DNC response raise questions: W. James Antle III
Jackpot-Fixing Investigation Expands to More State Lotteries: Ryan J. Foley and David Pitt
Former top Clinton aide: 'I want to avoid FOIA': Julian Hattem

Climate & Energy

Climate Panic: Where Will We Live?: Steven Hayward
NOAA’s ‘Compromised’ Thermometers Inflate U.S. Warming Trend: DC
Congress Shockingly Fails to Address Alleged EPA Lawbreaking: Daren Bakst


New York Times Edits Article to Remove Admission of Obama’s Cluelessness of Terror: Sean Davis
Obama Says He Does Not Watch Enough Cable News to Grasp Terrorism Fears: Morgan Chalfant
New York Times Arab Correspondent: Israel Oppresses Palestinians With Parking Tickets: Algemeiner


Obama’s Super New ISIS Strategy: More Theater!: William Teach
Obama Ends Press Conference So He Can Go Watch STAR WARS: ProgsToday
The Left's Muslim Replacement Theology for Jews: Daniel Greenfield

In Spite of Genocide, Only 34 Christian Syrian Refugees Admitted to US in 4 Years: NewsMax
Government accused of cover-up as data suggests million EU migrants unaccounted for in Britain: Telegraph
New Moderate Muslim Group Rejects CAIR, Violent Jihad: William Teach

New Russian Air Defenses in Syria Keep U.S. Grounded: Josh Rogin, Eli Lake
Arrested German jihadist: Islamic blitzkrieg coming: Douglas Ernst
Dutch Riot Over Plans For A Refugee Centre: Reuters

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Mystery material stuns scientists: Kurzweil AI
FAA Finally Admits Names And Home Addresses In Drone Registry Will Be Publicly Available: Forbes
Insider allegedly hacked lottery software in multiple states: Mariella Moon


The End of Our Days?: Michael Finch
The Circle Is Unbroken: MOTUS
Shoppers panic as false reports of shots fired at Santa Ana mall; two teens held: OCR

Image: Congress Shockingly Fails to Address Alleged EPA Lawbreaking
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #ConstitutionMan: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "Read the comment sections on news stories about the [budget] deal and the general theme is “why did we bother to vote Republican?” The whole point of putting the GOP in charge of both houses was to reign in Obama and begin rolling back his excesses. Instead, we got the opposite. The Republicans have done more for Obama in six months than his own party did in six years.

Most people assume that smart politicians are on the right side of their voters. Stupid politicians go against the wishes of their voters.That makes sense as a practical matter. Scale it up and political parties should be careful to never get sideways with their constituents. Otherwise, the party has no reason to exist. The GOP is the Stupid Party because they keep finding ways to piss off their voters. It’s like they have a death wish.

In 2010 they put an emotionally disturbed drunk in charge of the House after the voters put them in charge. Boehner was a good soldier, but you can’t have your leader sobbing in public. In 2015 they finally had enough and replaced him with a Wisconsin Progressive, who has now declared war on the people who vote Republican. Frankly, calling them the Stupid Party is too kind. They are the Suicidal Party." --The Z Man

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