Monday, December 14, 2015

Larwyn’s Linx: Evil on the March

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Evil on the March: Stuart Schneiderman
Great Moments in Defense and Foreign Policy: Dan Mitchell
Law Professors: Trump’s Muslim Moratorium Is Constitutional: Scott Greer

Scholars Shine New Light on Old Truths for Fighting Poverty: Star Parker
Down Big to Cruz, Trump Calls Texas Senator 'A Little Bit Of A Maniac': LidBlog
This is how a brokered convention would work: David M. Drucker

Our Superstitious President: Victor Davis Hanson
FBI Arrests Lead Islamic State Recruiter in Minnesota: Clarion
MO: Mass Cell Phones, Propane Tanks and Now Mystery Man in Woods: Treehouse

More Huge Polling for Cruz: Scoop
Podesta to donors: Cruz is likely GOP nominee: Gabriel Debenedetti
Trump, Cruz Lead GOP Field; Support for Carson Plummets, Poll Finds: Janet Hook

Ted Cruz's "Personality Problem": Amanda Carpenter
The Third Jihad: CJR
Trump: Hillary Says I'm Dangerous When 'She's Caused So Many Deaths': Ian Hanchett


Cruz Gets Real on H-1B Visas–A Minimum H-1B Wage of $110,000!: Randall Burns
The Eerie Echo Of 2007: It Really Is Bear Stearns, All Over Again: ZH
The 'American Dream' is over: Charles Hugh Smith

Scandal Central

Suppress Shooters' Islamist Ties, Obama Ordered: Matthew Vadum
WARNING: The "No BUY" List travels a well trodden road to Tyranny: Stop Shouting
Report: Obama Told NSC And FBI To 'Downplay' Terrorist Angle Of San Bernardino: Jonah Bennett

Deobandi Butchery in San Bernardino: 1977 Roots of the Jihad Carnage: Andrew G. Bostom
DHS Whistleblower: Tablighi Jamaat Is Al-Qaeda-Linked Group Obama Refuses to Track: Edwin Mora
Did Marco Rubio’s Donors Fund a Book That Put $800,000 Into Rubio’s Pocket?: S.V. Dáte

Climate & Energy

Mystery Over Last Minute Change To Paris Agreement: Paul Homewood
Obama seeks to overturn court's block of fracking rules: John Siciliano
EPA: Coal Not Marketable: Casey Junkins, Wheeling News-Register


Studies in Cognitive Disarray: Fisking Michael Ignatieff on Refugees: Richard Landes
Dude of the Week: AWD
Ted Cruz’s response to Trump calling him a MANIAC is hilarious!: Scoop

This Dumb, Dishonest Attack On Justice Scalia Takes The Cake: Dan McLaughlin
Voters Like Trump’s Proposed Muslim Ban: Rasmussen
Media Really Bummed They’re Losing The Gun Control Fight: Bob Owens

Are Republicans Crazy Xenophobes? Answering Fareed Zakaria: Roger L. Simon
Time For An Immigration Moratorium: Jeffrey Lord
Cruz campaign credits psychological data and analytics for its rising success: Tom Hamburger


We're in the very best of hands: Tashfeen Malik was talking jihad on social media for years: Jazz Shaw
German TV channel films ISIL slave trade in Turkey: Today's Zaman
Has Everyone Forgotten?: iOTWreport

What Comes Next: The Z Man
About the whacked-out leader of the world’s newest Islamic republic: John Ruberry
Bank collapse and personal ruin in Italy: Tim Hedges

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Designing Robots That Learn as Effortlessly as Babies: Shelly Fan
Sex, love and robots: is this the end of intimacy?: Eva Wiseman
Bitcoin Roller Coaster Continues with 14% Plunge, Record Volumes: Leon Pick


American Sniper widow Taya Kyle outshoots NRA champion: Fox News
The Return of Independence Day: Joe Cunningham
Obama and his family to spend Christmas in Hawaii for eighth consecutive year: Daily Mail

Image: It Only Took Conor McGregor 13 Seconds to Knock Jose Aldo Out at UFC 194
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #ConstitutionMan: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "Trump is a symptom, not the problem. And the problem is the cancer in Islam itself which people like [Fareed] Zakaria (and Obama) refuse to accept or even name, deflecting the issue to Trump's pronouncements, which are self-admittedly meant to provoke and almost always backtracked on anyway. In the final analysis, the one doing the bloviating is Zakaria, not Trump.

I am a Jew and relatively as secular in my faith as Zakaria is in his, yet I hope if there were an explosion of Jewish violence and terrorism toward innocent civilians across the globe on anything approaching the Islamic level, I would be doing everything I could to oppose it vehemently and publicly, demanding a deep and abiding reformation of my religion as immediately as possible.

With rare and cherished exceptions, few Muslims are doing that. I'll start worrying about Donald Trump the minute I see Fareed Zakaria using his bully pulpit at CNN to insist on a through reformation of Islam, instead of endless blathering about Islamophobia. Until then, I am, to say the least, unimpressed." --Roger L. Simon

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