Saturday, December 12, 2015

Well, this news is a bummer for the Anti-Bill of Rights Crowd

Spotted over at Ace's place:

Also spotted there: an excellent missive by Charles C.W. Cooke on the Second Amendment.


Anonymous said...

About time people woke up. With what is going on with this administration and the Uniparty leadership (both R's and D's), we are gonna need them to protect ourselves, our families, our property and our RIGHTS.

Doom said...

Oh, hell, that isn't even close to the truth. Most of us would no more talk to a pollster than we would most politicians. I hang up automatically when I hear it's a pollster. I won't allow them to manipulate my words or use psy-ops to trick a specific sort of seeming response. Most adult Americans know better than to speak with pollsters. The ones giving their views are of the much more liberal sort. Those numbers are anemic. They will find out if they ever go to steal our guns just how poorly done those polls are. *wink*