Thursday, October 01, 2009

Patriotic Dissent, Circa 2007

Remember the good ol' days of '07, when freedom of speech and criticism of the president were condoned by the left?

• Writing in the unhinged Huffington Post, author Martin Lewis suggested that General Peter Pace stage a military Coup D'état and overthrow the "regime" of President Bush.

• Over at Daily Kos, a diarist offered that "George W. Bush's Property Should Be Seized." Once more sensible folks became widely aware of this embarrassing secretion, Kos or his editors later purged the entry.

• Also at Kos, diarist Randian suggested that no one gave Marxism enough of a chance. "While mainstream Democrats may seek to abstain from ever mentioning the name of Marx, out of fear of appearing 'too far to the left,' Marx’s thinking remains very useful for all those dedicated to progressive causes." (Never mind the 94 million dead, according to the Harvard University Press' Black Book of Communism. Never mind the catastrophic economic consequences. Democrats should quietly pursue the Marxist agenda... because, apparently, we haven't given it quite enough time. Not that President Obama isn't trying his best, mind you.).

Hey! I wonder what changed since 2007? You know, when dissent was patriotic?

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