Friday, October 16, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Only 43% Would Vote For Obama Now

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DOD to end preemptive strike doctrine: CJ
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Time to probe Countrywide mortgage loans to lawmakers: Examiner

Where is the National Voter Fraud Investigation of ACORN?: AT
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Climate & Energy

Lindsay Graham is Senate's densest Republican: Examiner
How does Reuters spin GROWING Arctic ice? By reporting on 'predictions' of an ice free Arctic: Depot
Monckton: Obama To Cede U.S. Sovreignty Via AGW Treaty: CBullitt

Who Else Will Challenge Gore's 'Truth'?: IBD
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Obama loosens missile technology controls to China: Times
Anatomy of a Swedish Blood Libel: WSJ
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Barry honey, can we talk about Afghanistan?: AT (Shiver)
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IAB to FTC: Dump the new blogger rules: CNet
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Three Stages of a Man's Life: Denny
Meghan McCain's Boobs: RSM

Here, via WaPo, is the standard-issue pop culture explanation for the newest round of peace process failures. Note that the word "Iran" never appears in the story because it complicates the simple storyline the "keep 'em dumb" media wants us to memorize. But even a graduate of journalism school ought to realize Israelis won't be in the mood for major decisions on the Palestinian track until they find out whether or not they are going to live under the Mullah's nuclear thumb going forward. They'll know soon enough. And if the answer is yes, Israel will undergo wrenching social, political and military changes that will push the "peace process" from the back burner to the back shelf.

Yet, I suppose the WaPo story is useful reading, if only to illustrate that even with the weight of the entire Western world, and many Israelis, operating behind canards and falsehoods, there remains some insurmountable dynamic that frustrates the Nations' attempts to impose their will on the Land of Israel.

Amen. -- Dan from New York

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