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The Daily Weiner

All the Weiner news that fits, we print:

Echoes of Weiner’s womanizing past ring in his present day package predicament

Even before the current #Weinergate scandal broke, Rep. Anthony Weiner had quite a history of lewd behavior towards women.

A 2001 Vanity Fair article about a young woman using her sexual proclivity to climb Capitol Hill featured a large section on her interactions with Weiner. In early fall 2001, the New York Democrat introduced himself to a Congressman Mike Rogers staffer, Diana Davis, as an “auto-parts salesman.” He rambled on and on about how politically connected he was and boasted about a trip he was scheduled to take with President George W. Bush to Ground Zero. He was going to fly with the president on Air Force One. Despite his attempt to impress Davis, Weiner couldn’t seal the deal with her that night, so he tried again.

“The next day, New York’s Anthony Weiner finds the time to hunt down Diana’s E-mail address... He writes that he hopes they might meet again..." In his email, Weiner told Davis she should come visit his office "in person." Ward wrote Davis “left Anthony Weiner dangling,” because she thought the “in person” comment “was kind of cheesy.”

Even after he emailed her, Davis had no clue Weiner was a United States congressman. She thought he was just a cute car parts salesman. It wasn’t until later that her friend Caroline Chatterton told Davis over lunch that Weiner was a member of Congress...

...Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin told The Daily Caller Weiner’s “long history” of “skirt-chasing” raises more questions about the New York Democrat’s Capitol Hill sexual secrets and expects more women with similar stories to come forward... The photo gallery of his select group of young female followers/followees on Twitter suggests a continued hunt.”

...The latest buzz from D.C. Democrats is that other pictures of Weiner’s package are out there. This raises troubling questions about who the recipients might have been, how old, and whether they worked for or under the congressman (NO pun intended!)...

Weiner still can’t answer with “certitude” whether it’s his penis in the picture sent via his official verified Twitter account to Seattle-area college student Gennette Cordova. Since folks in Washington have been asking Weiner about the details surrounding the photo, he’s called a CNN producer a “jackass” and dialed 911 on a CBS reporter. Weiner has tried to deflect attention away from the major questions in the storyline and has tried to say outright he’s not answering any more questions...

Weiner's wife puts on brave face amidst Twitter-photo scandal

Rep. Anthony Weiner's humiliated wife sheepishly showed her face at a Washington event yesterday, keeping a stiff upper lip amid the swirling scandal surrounding her husband's tawdry Twitter photo.

Huma Abedin, 34, briefly hesitated at the State Department ballroom door before working up the courage to go in... At first, she seemed to be a no-show at Clinton's morning event, where the secretary hosted a session of the Iraq Business Roundtable for companies including Caterpillar, FedEx, Microsoft, Citigroup and GE.

But shortly after the event began in the ornate Ben Franklin room, Abedin opened a door, peered into the room, then strode over to another Clinton aide 20 feet away from the secretary.

Wearing a black pant suit and a prominent pearl necklace, Abedin never cracked a smile and kept her distance from the former first lady. She ducked out long before the event finished.

Anthony Weiner's bulging controversy a classic example of abysmal damage control

Weinergate ain't Watergate, not even close... But they're both classic examples of abysmal damage control.

...His less-than-forthcoming answers to the frenzy over a lewd photo have made matters worse for the congressman who aspires to be New York City's next mayor, raising fresh questions and fueling even more media scrutiny.

When a reporter asks if you've ever taken photos of your nether regions like the one purportedly hacked from Weiner's Twitter account, there's only one acceptable answer.

But Weiner didn't just say no - he just ducked... He also couldn't say "with certitude" the offending photo wasn't him, an unfortunate non-denial denial.

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Interesting tangent on the Weiner story: two of the three story headlines from above were edited. The New York Post story (the second item, above) on Huma Weiner was originally entitled "The Good Wife".

The New York Daily News article (third and last item) was originally headlined "His Biggest Boner? Being So Coy".

These writers are having a field day with the Weiner -- and who can blame them?

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