Monday, June 20, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Campaign to reelect Obama underway

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Campaign to reelect Obama underway: Pundette
Republicans Considering Transitory Debt Ceiling Hike: ZH
RLC straw poll's bizarre result: Payola involved?: Hot Air

Employers of illegals worried laws scaring away illegal workers: RWN
With DNC in Mind, City Bans Carrying Urine, Feces, Glitter: Driscoll
Google denies special deal for Barack Obama: Politico

WSJ: ATF Chief Likely To Be Ousted Over Gunwalker: Ace
Axelrod to drones: it's still cool to support Obama, I promise!: WZ
Bachmann Bashes Romney for Not Signing Pro-Life Pledge: LN


The American Recovery Act As Welfare Part II: VR
A Shovel-Unready President: RCP
The Euro-Zone’s Last Chance: Stock Sage

Shocker: Obama had no authority to waive GM's taxes: BlogProf
Companies leaving California in record numbers: Carpe Diem
Rick Perry vs. Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Instapundit

Climate & Energy

The EPA assault on Texas: Greenroom
Climate conference faces brush with reality: Hot Air
Republicans Flicker On Light Bulb Ban Repeal: AT


The New York Times' Hit Piece on Clarence Thomas: Preparing for Obamacare's Failure: Instapundit
NBC omits ‘Under God’ from Pledge of Allegiance: Malkin
Fareed Zakaria: Let’s use Facebook and Twitter to create a 21st century Constitution: DC

Look what else is hanging out in the Weiners’ closet: GayPatriot
Failed Outgoing NY Times Editor Bill Keller Says 'Journalists Would Recoil In Horror' If Palin Ran For President: WZ
Leftist ‘Guru” Deepak Chopra Mocks Sarah Palin in Angry Rant: GWP


President Obama Rejected DOJ and DOD Advice, and Sided with Harold Koh, on War Powers Resolution: Lawfare
Mufti of Lebanon Calls Palestinian Refugees "Trash": Ricochet
Islamist Group And ACLU Team Up To Fight 'Anti-Sharia Bills': WZ

The Economics of Settlement: Gilder
Our Friends the Chinese: Ricochet
The Muslim Brotherhood and Weiner: AT

Iranian Commander: ‘We Have Infiltrated America and the UK’: Kahlili
Understanding Online Radicalization: The Jihadi Forums: PJM
Overlapping Layers of Incompetency: SDA


Hit the deck: LulzSec and Anonymous start trading blows: VentureBeat
Better 21 years late than never: Engadget
‘How Kindle Is Changing the Way a Reader Reads Books’: Driscoll


Happy Father's Day: Pundette
How to wake up your girlfriend: C&S
How to get exit row seats (chart): Airfare Watchdog

Tweet Me! No, Really!: MOTUS
The Conspiracy of Kennedy Conspiracists: Ace
Don't get your yarbles caught in this machine: NatLamp

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The Machiavellian said...

Thanks for the link.

Doug, a couple of days ago you wrote about the burgeoning welfare state and its implications.

Not only can't we afford it, it saps the American work ethic and its founding principle of limited government.

Anonymous said...

On the topic of Obama’s Fast and Furious impeachment, just a couple of questions:

First, How stupid do they think we are?

Obama, Shrillary and the rest of the Communists and gun grabbers come out with the bogus factoid of the 90% myth and they expect us all to swallow it hook, line and sinker. Then “Someone” in the most transparent of presidential administrations sets up a program specially designed to funnel guns across the border to back up this claim.

How did they think we we’re going to find out about this and demand some fast and furious resignations?

Did they really think that we would just surrender our rights to defend our selves just because of this little fraud of theirs?

Reports are that they delighted in the reports of traceable guns being found at crime scenes, in ontehr words, they were giddy at the carnage their stupid plan inflicted on people.

Don’t the democrats care about people? Or are they really just pawns in a struggle for control of everyone’s life.

They had to have known that just letting these guns “Walk” would have resulted in crime, death and destruction.

Why didn’t they care about the ‘results’ of their little plan to subvert our Constitutional rights????