Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chris Wallace's Greatest Interview Questions

The bizarre interview of GOP front-runner Michele Bachmann ("Are you a flake?") by Fox News analyst Chris Wallace wasn't his first encounter with controversy.

Although I wonder if he'd have the cojones to ask the following questions.

"Are you a Marxist? I mean, that's what the rap on you is?"

"Are you a bit too ample in the derriere to be lecturing people on their diets? I mean, that's what the rap on you is -- too much 'junk in the trunk', if you will."

"Are you as stupid as you sound? Let's face it, that's what the rap on you is?"

"Are you a pathological liar? I'm sure you know that's what the rap on you is?"

"Are you a mentally unbalanced, barely coherent dimwit? I mean, that's what the rap on you is?"

"Are you a perverted wanker? That's what the rap on you is?"

* * * * * * * * *

Hey, Wallace: go drink a big tall glass of shut-up juice, you freaking dweeb.

Update: Hey, Chris Wallace: do you know how many people called Michele Bachmann a 'flake' before you slandered her on Sunday? None, dimwit.

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MRPKW said...

Crikeys Biff !!!!!!!!!!

You've outdone yourself with this one !!


Shawarma said...

The only problem is that for each of the Democraps - the rap is true, and no one had the guts to call them on it. While the insult hurled at Bachman came completely out of no where.

Anonymous said...

That bit of sleight of hand made the whole question worthwhile. Lars

Robert said...

That's incredibly awesome Doug. so funny.

Hey Chris Ahole Wallace, I will never again watch the television when your face or voice is on it. you hear me? cause I won't be hearing you, jerk.

Fox News better understand we are in a War. man up the ramparts or shut the F up. Chrissy.