Monday, June 27, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Romney, Bachmann lead in Iowa

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Romney, Bachmann lead in Iowa: RS
How About Some 2012 Speculation?: Ace
The Dangerous Effort to Delegitimate Supreme Court Justices: Volokh

A GOP Debt Limit Warning On Taxes: RWN
What if Obama just ignores Congress on the debt ceiling?: Hot Air
Queen of the Tea Party: WS

'Change' President holding de facto fundraisers at White House: Hot Air
Blatant corruption and Nazi-style tactics in Maryland: Simpson
TSA makes 95 year old woman in wheelchair remove adult diaper: TRS


CBO: Tax Hikes Unnecessary to Fix Budget: Foundry
Just When You Thought Our Fiscal Nightmare Couldn't Get Worse: DLim
Detroit: DOT lays off drivers while directors get new hybrid SUVs: RWN

I Accidentally Stumble Into A Hotbed of Educational Indoctrination: Lid
CT: Public Unions Reject Sweetheart Deal, 7,500 Layoffs On Way: Mish
Forecasts for Growth Drop, Some Sharply: CNBC

Climate & Energy

Cash for Pumpers: AT
Obama’s EPA Sets Out to Destroy US Factories With Boilers; Affecting Millions of US Jobs: GWP
Next target: your cable box: Surber


Great moments in journalism: “Are you a flake?”: Hot Air
How stupid/evil was Bill Lueders's attack on Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser?: Althouse
Chris Wallace Apologizes to Michele Bachmann for Asking if She’s a ‘Flake’: Malkin

Reviewing Ann Bradley’s physical attack on David Prosser…: Moe Lane
The rise of Michele Bachmann: Power Line
What Would Our Founding Fathers Think of Repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”?: TheGraph

Stossel Admits He Could've Had Breitbart's ACORN Scoop But Passed Due to ABC's Politics: NB
Chris Wallace PWNs Jon Stewart Anew: Ace
CBS ignores Herman Cain’s third-place performance in Iowa poll: DC

Equality Über Alles, New York: RSM
Media And Squishes Favorite Jon Hunstman Won’t Win Because He’s “Not Angry”: RWN
Like Chauncey Gardiner, Obama is profoundly aloof: Barone


Illegal Aliens Set Arizona Afire: MB
LA Is Now Part of Mexico? US Soccer Team Booed In Their Own Country: BP
Will U.S. Suspend Aid to Egypt’s Military?: PJM

Presenting The (Only) Four Outcomes To The Global Public Debt Crisis: ZH
UN Secretary General Congratulates Iranian Fox for Guarding the Hen House?: PJM
Hamas-Tied CAIR Releases Its First Annual Hit List: Atlas


Citigroup hacking nets $2.7 million from customers: CNet
10 Creative Social Media Resumes To Learn From: Mashable
Google: Tool or Trust?: RWN


Not every horror movie has to last two hours: Bear Mountain
The better sex life diet ... and do we all marry the wrong person?: SMH
The Prince Who Blew Through Billions: Vanity Fair

Image: New York Daily News
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QOTD: "With the City of Chicago already running into major trouble with roving bands of black gangs attacking and robbing people in broad daylight in wiliding incidents (and it’s only a matter of time before they start killing people) we have a top cop more interested in appearing at racist churches making race-baiting speeches than doing his job. Emanuel better watch out because what we obviously have here is just another arrogant jack-booted thug that thinks he should be allowed to make up his own laws instead of enforcing the laws actually on the books." --Warner Todd Huston

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