Sunday, June 26, 2011

Which sports do Democrats and Republicans like most?

National Journal has an excellent graphic depicting the breakdown of sports by political party and likelihood to vote.

But where the hell are Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and boxing?

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Mike aka Proof said...

"where the hell are Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and boxing?"

And curling!

David said...

WNBA, haha, lesbians are lefties!!

Anonymous said...

That certainly explains the recent radical leftward turn in the NBA's
public relations efforts. I wonderd what was going on. I'm a lifelong fan of the NBA and the Suns, but in the lat two years the NBA has become unbearable in it's obvious promotion of leftist causes.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, and not one catagory for carabou hunters.

Naw, no political bias here.
How about gator trappers, bass fisherman, and dart players?

Anonymous said...

Professional wrestling kind of surprises me. I always assumed that skewed redneck, but I suppose that it's really a class thing and a lot of minorities enjoy it as well.

rickl said...

It's funny how college basketball skews right, given how far left the NBA is.

And I would have expected the Olympics to be farther left than it is.

Anonymous said...

Nah, the Olympics are an occasion for national pride and to pull for Team USA to beat the snot out of the Frenchies or whatever. Libs aren't really into the whole pro-USA thing.

Anonymous said...

We "libs" are proud of our country and our national sports teams, though we get tired of mindless "America rocks; don't criticize anything our country does" crap.

A bunch of my lib friends and I were out at the local pub rooting for the USA to beat Mexico in Gold Cup soccer this weekend. Unfortunately, our "Go USA" chants weren't enough. Mexico's team is simply better than ours.