Friday, June 24, 2011

Good News: Illegal Aliens Helping to Reduce Unemployment Among Young Women by Trafficking Sex Slaves in Texas

Folks, sometimes you just can't even add any snark.

...the Houston Police Department detail[ed] a shocking sex trafficking operation run by illegal aliens, including a former prostitute, Maria Rojas, who had previously been deported. The documents indicate that police officers responded to service calls to the business co-owned by Ms. Rojas on 60 occasions, and were well aware of the criminal activity taking place at these establishments, but apparently did not check the immigration status of any of the arrestees or Ms. Rojas. Houston, Texas, has in place an illegal alien sanctuary policy, Houston PD General Order 500-5, which prohibits police officers from inquiring about the citizenship status of any person.

...The indictment alleges that Maria and Jose Luis Rojas ran a sex slave trafficking ring since at least August 1999. The scheme involved luring young women into the country illegally from Mexico with false promises of employment, then forcing them to work as prostitutes at La Costeñita Bar and El Club Restaurante in Houston. Maria Rojas and Javier Guevara Belmontes (a legal resident) co-owned the locations. The remaining defendants were illegal aliens who served as managers or employees of the businesses...

* Police documented 48 calls for service to La Costeñita between 2006 and 2011. Nine of these events involved vice squad investigations and/or arrests for prostitution, and during this time frame 12 individuals were arrested for prostitution. There were 17 cases of assault (including three shootings and a stabbing). There was one cocaine possession arrest (in May 2008) and one armed robbery arrest (in December 2007).
* There were 12 documented police calls for service to El Club Restaurante between 2006 and 2010. These included four burglaries, two assaults and a shooting.
* Between May 2006 and November 2010, Houston police responded to the residence of Maria Rojas and Javier Belmontes eight times. On three occasions, police spoke with and documented a complaint by Jose Luis Rojas. On November 1, 2010, Jose Luis Rojas reported an armed robbery by six unknown assailants. Three weeks later, Jose Luis Rojas reported receiving a telephonic death threat.

Thanks to the Democrat Party, millions upon millions of illegal immigrants have entered this country without any review whatsoever. No TSA pat-downs, no background checks, no civics tests, no paperwork.

The inevitable result? Drugs, crime, slavery, disease, poverty and Balkanization. Which is why we have a process for this sort of thing. Waiting lists. Background checks. Education on America's founding, the Declaration and the Constitution.

We must seal the border first and foremost and then invite the best and the brightest from other countries.


JeremyR said...

I don't care about their best and brightest, we got one of those now in the oval office. I want hard working and honest. We seem to have bred that out of the domestic stock.

MOTUS said...

More jobs created or saved by Team-Obama!


EH said...

This ploy is already working against the democratic party. Those that are going down the legal route to residency are the one most upset at what the democratic party is doing! Sealing the borders has been done twice before and it can be done again. Democrats simply "won't" do it because they want more people dependent on their party. What a scam and what a shame!