Sunday, June 19, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: ATF Fast & Furious: Worse than a nightmare

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Project Gunrunner

ATF Fast & Furious: Worse than a nightmare: Tatler
Administration's Gunrunner Comments Strain Credulity: PJM
Head of ATF is likely to go: WSJ

Gunrunner's Real Agenda: NoisyRoom
Issa Believes DOJ Engaging in Gunrunning Coverup: Bruce
Gunwalker Scandal Special Edition: CorrComm


Another Chapter In The Declarant Presidency: Hewitt
Michele Bachmann Sets A Very High Bar at Right Online: RS
Liberal Flashmob and Publicity Stunt At RightOnline: RWN

DeMint creates litmus test for 2012 field: Hill
MO Dem Governor Nixon Vetoes Voter ID Bill: GWP
Gov. Rick Perry’s amazing speech to RLC 2011: Scoop


The American Recovery Act As Welfare: VirtRep
Obama's higher minimum wage will hurt young blacks: WinKnight
The beauty of capitalism: anyone can become rich: EIB

Thanks, Barack: IMF Cuts US Forecast, Warns of Crisis: GWP
Dept. of Education cracks down on for-profit colleges: PJM
The Pace of an Economic Recovery: Commentary

Climate & Energy

All Aboard the Global Warming Money Train!: Ace
Warmist Chip Ward: West Was Lost Due To Globull Warming: RWN
2011 Chevrolet Volt Vs 2011 Nissan Leaf: 7,000 Miles Later: Green Car Reports


What Writing A Book Taught Me About Obama And Those Who Followed Him: ZH
Lefty Feminists Expose Themselves by Putting Out for Weiner: Ziganto
Obama is Dukakis: The Data Supports My Instincts? : ConTeach

Post debate presidential scoreboard: Surber
Blaming "politically correct" textbooks for the widespread ignorance about history: Althouse
Adam Smith, pins, ATMs, and Obama: Marathon

Panetta Report 3: Leon Panetta and the Santa Cruz Socialists: Loudon
Standing Up Against Islamonazism: Zilla
Obamanomics: Teenage Flash Mob Robberies on the Rise: Fox


Redistributing Freedom to Tyranny: Knish
UNRWA Unleashes More Slanders of Israel: Commentary
Islamic cultural terrorism: Condell

Mexicans tunneling into US: WZ
Dictator of the Month: King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia : AllGov
Security Fail… Illegal Immigrant With Stolen ID Discovered Working As Flight Attendant: GWP

Leon Panetta, U.S. Defense Secretary Nominee, Linked to Communist, Anti-Semitic Group: AmPower
USPS Stops Accepting Mail To Canada: ZH
Moody's threat to downgrade Italian debt raises eurozone contagion fears: Telegraph


Pulling Electricity from the Air to Charge Devices: RefBrok
A suddenly growing liver disease: Instapundit
Brand-To-Fan Connector, Crowdtap, Hits $1 Million Revenue With 115,000 Members: TechCrunch


Overseen in the Library: AmDigest
MUSIC VIDEO: “It’s Gettin’ Real in the Whole Foods Parking Lot”: NatLamp
Five Unforgettable Moments from the Obama-Boehner Golf Game: NatJournal

No, Don't Tell Me!: C&S
'Golf Summit' Saturday: Malkin
Reagan's Joke: Denny

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QOTD: "Never has so much power been invested in a man about whom so little was known, over whose nefarious past associations was made or even questioned, and who presented so few real-world accomplishments as to not even have a resume worth note. But he possessed two key skills that come in handy during times of economic and social upheaval: 1) His ability to speak forcefully while offering little but platitudes to whip up an audience eager to be led; and 2) a ruthless pragmatism that would compel him to say and do whatever it took to present an image that would best gain him the levers of power.

But that’s okay because Obama knew what was best, even if the average Joe (except a certain plumber) did not, you see. A new golden age of top-down management of our daily lives radiating out of the central state in Washington, D.C. for which we would eventually be grateful. All the people had to do was submit and get in line with the program. Many did willingly. Blindly. Fooled by a personality cult whose statist tendencies remained hidden by a fawning state media/propaganda complex." --Brad Schaeffer


Anonymous said...

That thermometer graphic reminds me of one of a joke that used to make my father laugh: What is the difference between an oral and a rectal thermometer? The taste.

Bones said...

That power throught the air thing is an April 1st type posting.