Monday, June 13, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: An American Descent Into Hell

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An American Descent Into Hell: NoisyRoom
Fishing For Moby Dick With A Cane Pole: No Sheeples
Pawlenty Debuts New Term: Obamneycare: Malkin

Justice Scalia Rips Lawmakers as Sleepy and Lazy: Blaze
Report: Weiner finally considering resignation: WZ
Chicago: letting bad cops slide while harrassing citizens: HuffPo

Bachmann: ‘I Bring von Mises’ to the Beach: NRO
NOW Backs Weiner, Gives Him "Benefit Of The Doubt”: WZ
CNN: Americans oppose Obamacare by 17 points: WS


Pick up the Darned Phone: Blumer
40,000 MN workers get layoff notices: LUR
Sino Forests – some thoughts: Bronte

Senator Seeking Answers on NLRB’s Attack on Boeing: RWN
Obama to discuss jobs at company shifting focus to China: DC
Stopping Section 8/HUD Housing in Cincinnati: VirtRep

Jim Rogers: Financial crisis of 2008 was just a warm-up: EconCol
Will CME Move out of Illinois?: P&F
How NBA Owners Lost $300 Million this Year: RefBrok

Climate & Energy

Thanks To Obama’s Radical Environmental Regulations Electricity Rates Expected To Jump 40% – 60%: WZ
Crony Capitalism and Obama's Anti-Coal Crusade: AT
The Ultimate Bird-Shredder Fail: CBullitt


Weiner Nation: Kuhner
Am I The Only One Who Anthony Weiner Didn't D***-Dial?: Ace
The Sarah Palin I Know: Ziegler

My Chat With Gennette Cordova: Patterico
The Democrats/MSM’s Bad Weekend in three screen shots: DTG
Weiner Sexts: Less Sex, More Ego: Forbes

Viva the New American Revolution: PJM
So it begins: Interviewed on MSNBC, Dick Durbin admits that this is now Barack Obama’s economy: IHTM
Ann Coulter Smacks Down Arrogant Eliot Spitzer: 'What Business Have You Run?': NB


Another “WTF” Obama Foreign Policy Moment: Palin
Egypt: Cleric Explains It Is Ok To Take Non-Muslim Women And Children As Slaves: WZ
UK: Police “Covered Up” Violent Campaign To “Islamicize” Area Of London: WZ

Obama gives Netanyahu ultimatum on resuming talks: Blaze
Giving Away the Farm: White House freely giving Russia sensitive missile defense information: Woolsey
ObamaCare Preview: Body of hospital patient left to die in corridor, ignored for hours--finally dragged away: BlogProf


Report: Facebook user growth slowing: CNet
Microsoft NUAds: Engage With Xbox Kinect Game Ads Through Voice, Gestures: TechCrunch
Chevy Taking Nationwide Orders For ’12 Volt: CBS Detroit


It's Pentecost: Adrienne
Tweet This: Anthony Weiner Action Figure Coming Soon: POH Diaries
You're a peein': iOTW

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QOTD: "Mr. Weiner’s actions are unacceptable for a public representative. His behavior was reckless, demonstrating an appalling lack of judgment. It also showed contempt for his constituents. He disgraced his office, violated his congressional oath to uphold the highest ethical standards and deliberately lied to his constituents and the electorate. Moreover, several messages reveal that he sought to coach a woman into lying about the scandal - including possibly offering the use of his staff and office resources. This would constitute clear abuse of power and misuse of taxpayer dollars...

...The problem is that Weinergate goes to the heart of the Democrats’ cultural liberalism. Try as they might to disown him, he embodies the party’s moral rot. Mr. Weiner is a progressive crusader. He has championed almost every secular leftist cause: socialized medicine, government day care, welfare, high taxes, abortion rights, homosexual marriage, gays in the military, sex education in schools and a European-style nanny state. In other words, he peddles sex and socialism - the twin pillars of progressivism." --Jeffrey T. Kuhner, "Weiner Nation"


The Machiavellian said...

thanks for the link

Anonymous said...

Hey Democrats! Where is YOUR plan to save Medicare?
(Besides insanely trying to “Spread the wealth around”)

Hey Democrats! Where is YOUR plan to save Social Security?
(Besides insanely trying to “Spread the wealth around”)

Hey Democrats! Where is YOUR Budget?
(Besides insanely trying to “Spread the wealth around”)

Hey Democrats! Where is YOUR plan to keep the country from running into a Fiscal brick wall?
(Besides insanely trying to “Spread the wealth around”)

Anonymous said...

Why are my instincts telling me Bachmann is the Huckabee-in-Drag candidate there to provide cover for the Establisment GOP RUling Class?

SOmewhere in the past four months Bachmann sold out for her self-interest and I personally am not buying this GOP RUling Class bamboozle.

Hiring Huckabee's campaign manager Ed ROllins-who Feb 10, 2001 in a CNN oped-wrote that Bachmann is "third-tier" and not "a serious contender".

THen a couple of weeks ago Krauthmammer dictating how she is "next in line"

and now this bamboozle of the sell-out to the Establishment meme:

"Doug Mataconis about last night's debate:

Bachmann is a much better public speaker [than Palin] and, say whatever one might about her ideas, she is able to present them in a much more polished manner than Palin has ever been able to.

Doug Mataconis previously:

Not From The Onion: Michelle Bachmann Mulling Presidential Bid

ABC News is reporting that one of the more bizarre members of the Republican House caucus is thinking about running for President .... Of course, “mulling” a Presidential bid is different from actually running, and even if she actually ran Bachmann would be, at best, a gadfly who got press attention for her outrageous statements. Good for entertainment value, not a serious candidate."

Michelle Bachmann: Tea Party talker full of Establishment crap.
She sold out.