Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: DHS Stealth Amnesty Coverup: Even Convicted Criminals Stay

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DHS Stealth Amnesty Coverup: Even Convicted Criminals Stay: JW
WTF: Debt Ceiling Compromise is to Slash Defense Spending?: Hot Air
FEC Violation: Obama Films Campaign Ad In White House: RCP

Democrat Electoral Strategy: Be the Ones Who Count the Votes: RWN
TSA Agents Prevent Possible Terrorist Act: IndReal
Blagojevich found guilty on most counts: Pundette

The Human Tragedy of Illegal Immigration: Heritage
Obama's new war is on doctors: Surber
The Racism Everyone Pretends Doesn't Exist: Zilla


ICE Memo References NLRB as Immigration Factor : LUR
The Peronist in the White House: PJM
The Dems' Unbalanced Debt Plan: IBD

Obama's The One? How About Obama's the 0.8: Ace
Obama’s Labor Dept: 'You Might Be Union Busting If…': RS
Wisc. Teachers Protest Working an 8-Hour Work Day: RWN

Climate & Energy

The Failure of Al Gore, Part One: Mead
Green jobs company endorsed by Obama and Biden squandered $535MM in stimulus money: DC
Fuel prices rein in July 4th travel plans: Chron


Increasingly shameless WaPo covers for Gunwalker: Owens
College Democrats Unleash Powerful New Ad: Ace
Party Like It's 2004: Driscoll

Bashing Bachmann: A Review of Liberal Media's Most Obnoxious Attacks on the GOP Presidential Contender: NB
Why I left the Spectator: Phillips
Lawyer Lists Four Possible FBI Responses to Federal Judge Re: Missing OKC Bombing Tapes: BMW

A Culture War Against Conservative Women: Foundry
Bachmann On Obama: “He Fears Me”: WZ
Name That Party: Blago's Dem Affiliation Left Out of Seven AP Stories: NB


Iran Threatens Turkey, Reveals Missile Silos: Kahlili
Starving plight of N Koreans revealed: ABC Australia
Nothing To See Here, Just More Evidence Of American Decline: RWN

Shock: Iran Defense Minister — a Killer of American Soldiers — Meets with U.S.: Kahlili
St Nicholas Church Rally at Ground Zero: Rebuild the 95-Year-Old Church, Stop the Ground Zero Mosque: Atlas
Terror-linked CAIR Taps Hizballah Apologist For Tampa Office: Creeping


Google's record-breaking traffic: By the numbers: TheWeek
Google's War on Nonsense: Opinionator
Microsoft to test white-space spectrum for wireless: CNet


Grudge Retort: C&S
Ante Upped on ‘Win Dinner With President Obama’ Contest: Malkin
Onion Editor's leg broken, others hurt in Spring Garden mob attack: Philly

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QOTD: "With a crowd like this, there is no better stump speaker in the Republican field than Bachmann. Only Cain comes close." --ABC's Jonathan Karl with Michele Bachmann in Iowa

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