Sunday, June 12, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Obama's Road to Nowhere

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Obama's Road to Nowhere: Steyn
TSA: Toy Stealers of America: Surber
Rick Perry's ready-made campaign issue: Exam

Lesser Men: TL in Exile
Verum Serum: Randiest Tweet About a Different Boy: Ace
Bachmann doesn't seem to understand Rollins' damage: LegalIns

Alabama Passes Toughest Illegal Immigration Law: RWN
Ryan 2012?: Nice Deb
Great News: SEIU Trying to Infiltrate GOP: Glob


Immigration policy means unemployment will remain high: Guzzardi
Tim Pawlenty’s 5% Growth Vision: BG
Obama recovery now two years old: IBD

Why America Needs School Choice: Cato
New Hampshire Lives Up to Its Billings: Surber
Deficits: Spending, Not Revenue, Is to Blame: Foundry

Climate & Energy

The hidden cost of ethanol subsidies: PJM
As Promised, Obama Is Destroying Coal Industry: MB
The Self Fulfilling Prophecy Called Environmentalism: HyScience

Attention, Team Romney!: Ace
Global Warming Panic Inducer: 2012 Olympic Torch Not Low Carbon: Malkin
Craziest carbon credit scheme yet – shooting camels in Australia: WUWT


We Need Your Help Tracking Down Governor Palin’s Emails: C4P
Scrutinize the president, not Palin: CNN (Welch)
Liberal Politico Admits: These Palin E-Mails Make Her Look Pretty Damn Good: WZ

The Pathetic Last Children of Nietzsche's Pitiable Last Men: OneCosmos
Bringing New Meaning to the Phrase ‘High School with Money’: Driscoll
Release Of Palin E-Mails Show She Was Barraged With Death Threats: WZ

Flashback Weiner/Imus: on Massa, Paterson, and Rangel Scandals – and Weiner’s Favorite Songs: VS
Weinergate: Barbara Walters Loses Reporter Cred: Anchoress
Bill Maher And Jane Lynch Give A Dramatic Reading Of Anthony Weiner’s Sexts: Mediaite

Will Celebrity Rehab Move Allow Democrats to Go Back to Slurring Ryan?: Commentary
Dark Days at MSNBC: IHTM
New York Times columnists hate government transparency? Must be a Democrat in the White House: Exam


Somalia: Africa’s Top al-Qaeda Operative Who Carried Out 1998 US Embassy Bombings Reportedly Killed: WZ
At Yemen's request, FBI arrives to investigate attack on president: GlobPost
Egypt: Prominent Salafi Cleric Urges All Egyptians To Grow Beards... Including Women: WZ

Pics From the Front: WZ
Obama Regime Stabs Britain in the Back on Falkland Islands: RWN
Fear Factor 2012: LegalIns

Allen West: We need to get ready to support Israel: TRS
Fed's $600B Stealth Bailout Of Foreign Banks Continues At The Expense Of U.S. Economy: ZH
Dubai cancelled over 200 property projects: prospectus: Trib


Reports: International Monetary Fund suffers network break-in: CNet
DHS Wants to Scan You For Mal-Intent: DefTech
UFC's use of social media expands fan base: WashExam


Why Am I Not a Feminist?: Day By Day
This is How Michael Caine Speaks: The Trip
Amazing: First photos of Gabrielle Giffords since she was shot released: Post

Image: Edwin Barahona, R.I.P.
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QOTD: "The American Dream, 2011: You pay four bucks a gallon to commute between your McJob and your underwater housing to prop up a spendaholic, grabafeelic, paramilitarized bureaucracy-without-end bankrupting your future at the rate of a fifth of a billion dollars every hour." --Mark Steyn

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