Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tyrrell: Michele Bachmann steals the show

Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. lays down a straight riff.

...Explaining how she voted for Paul Ryan’s budget, she said she did so “with an asterisk” because the “asterisk is that we’ve got a huge messaging problem [on Medicare]. It needs to be called the 55-and-Under Plan. I can’t tell you the number of 78-year-old women who think we’re going to pull the rug out from under them.”

Mrs. Bachmann has faced up to the Democrats’ gaudy lie that people, aged 56 and over, are facing Medicare cuts with the Ryan Plan. They are not, not with the Ryan budget. Though with the Obamacare Plan we are all facing the eclipse of Medicare. Medicare will be slashed for everyone very soon, and that is written into the President’s policy...

In her interview with the Journal Mrs. Bachmann explained that she is versed in the economists: Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Ludwig von Mises, and Milton Friedman. You cannot get much better than that, and I saved Friedman for last. He is the modern master in understanding the modern economy.

...The Liberals have, like a vast shoal of squid, spread an inky cloud over the financial meltdown. Mrs. Bachmann dispels the darkness regarding its origins. Says she, “There were a lot of bad actors involved, but it started with the Community Reinvestment Act under Jimmy Carter and then the enhanced amendments that Bill Clinton made to force, in effect, banks to make loans to people who lacked creditworthiness. If you want to come down to a bottom line of ‘How did we get in this mess?’ I think it was a reduction in standards.” Whereupon she goes on to say, “Being of the Financial Services Committee, I can assure you, all roads lead to Freddie and Fannie,” the mortgage lenders; and off she goes talking about Constitutional limits. She has a Tea Partyer’s proper concern for the Constitution.

The other night it is said that no one really stood out. I disagree. The pulchritudinous Michele Bachmann stole the show. She was charismatic and eloquent. She got the most attention and she had only been in the race a few minutes. Give her a few more debates, and we shall see just how ready she is for a national run.

Of the declared candidates, my top three are Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain and Rick Santorum. Any one of them would crush Barack Obama in a debate. Any. One. Of. Them.

Hat tip: Dan. You can donate to Michele here.


Anonymous said...

We are almost identical: 1) Bachmann 2) Cain 3) Pawlenty. I cannot support Santorum, awesome thought he is, after what he did to Pat Toomey in the primary. It was unforgiveable. I was a big fan of his since the 2001 Santorum Amendment to the No Child Left Behind Act, but after the Toomey betrayal, he can't be in my top 3. I could put him at number 4. Is there something about Pawlenty I should know?

Robert said...

MB is very sharp and I can't wait to vote for her in the primary and hopefully in the End-Socialism-and-Make-Marxists-Squirm General. I like Cain too but she outclassed him the other night with ease.

attractive smart articulate conservative woman, the Statist Regime's worst nightmare. I hope she has damn good bodyguards considering the thugs and lawless freaks she is taking on.

TheBronze said...

Any one of them would crush Barack Obama in a debate. Any. One. Of. Them.

So true. Barry has never been challenged. On anything. He's in for a rude awakening.

Brian J. said...

Debates work at two levels, though. Someone who argues with facts and logic can still lose to someone who completely makes up things to please an audience that can convince an unschooled audience.

Technology Consultant said...

I agree Michele Bachmann can bring down Obama in debate.

Anonymous said...

you spend a lot of your time sleeping and dreaming, don't you?