Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: La Raza Funding Skyrockets After Obama Hires Its VP

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La Raza Funding Skyrockets After Obama Hires Its VP: JW
Whispers of Gunwalker's Dark Ulterior Motive: NiceDeb
Mega-Scandal: Was 'Gunwalker' a PR Op for Gun Control?:Owens

Public Financing of Reconquistadors Explodes: RWN
DANGER: Romney and Pawlenty Embrace Shariah Law: RedCty
Holder: our most effective anti-terror weapon is...: Malkin

Twenty-Nine Reasons to Be Angry And/Or Scared: EconNoise
AZ Sheriff: Why More Troops at Korean Border Than U.S. Border?: CNS
Bachmann Playing With House Money: Roll Call


Obama's latest $1B 'Stimulus' to 'Troubled' Homeowners: ZH
Obama's Food Police Cracks Down on Market to Kids: HE
NLRB tried to save us from dumb, unskilled southerners: Hot Air

Democrats Flailing Around For A Jobs Policy Heading Into 2012: RWN
Why is Columbia Prof still employed after incest plea?: RSM
City pension pays more than average worker earns: SFgate

Climate & Energy

Water wars: Little-known rules proposed for California's Central Coast: SCS
Sea Level Research Institute facing scrutiny after revelation it's been fudging sea level data: BlogProf
Rick Perry: Let there be light: CBullitt


Apparently, The GOP Is “Rigging The 2012 Election”: RWN
Van Jones Unleashes Lawyers On Fox For Criticising Him: Dollard
Mark Levin Gives Fareed Zakaria a Much-Needed Lesson on the U.S. Constitution: NB

INCOGNEGRO: Undercover as a Black Conservative at Right Online During Netroots Nation: JJP
Right Online Picture Dump: RWN
WaPo Ombudsman Insists Conservative Palin E-mail Complaints Were 'Complete Balderdash': NB

Will the Democratic Party Destroy Us All?: Simon
Gunwalker: From Obama’s Inauguration to Issa’s Report: Owens
NAACP: Making NJ public workers pay more for health care is racist: WyBlog

Shocking Sex Slave Trafficking Operation in Houston, Texas -- Operated by Illegal Aliens: JW
Jon Stewart Tells Chris Wallace Fox News Is Biased -- But Rest of Media Aren't: NB
Political Street Art: The Weiner Edition: Urban Infidel


Panetta’s War on Reagan’s Defense Policies – A Time for Choosing: Kincaid
Panetta Report 4: Leon Panetta’s Communist Friend and the Chinese Spy: Loudon
Obama’s Buddy Bill Ayers Denied Entry To Canada Again: Glob

Report: Obama to announce drawdown plans for Afghanistan on Wednesday: HotAir
Sharia rejects the foundational principle of American law: Creeping
Greek Default Would Spell ‘Havoc’ for European Banks a Year After Bailout: Bloomberg


Sick Of Being Trashed Nonstop, Groupon Tries To Respond On Its Blog: Insider
Blackberry fallout: Does RIM really have a plan?: Connected Planet
Dropbox Left User Accounts Unlocked for 4 Hours Sunday: Wired


Jackass star Ryan Dunn dies in car accident: Jalopnik
Ryan Dunn and 'The Grim Reaper's Company Car': AmSpec
Bernanke Impeachment: Denninger

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