Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Capitol Hill’s Other Dirty Laundry

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Capitol Hill’s Other Dirty Laundry: Malkin
Bachmann is running -- and she hit a homer during debate: RWN
Dem Janice Hahn has a viral video smash hit!: RSM

When Government Jumps the Shark: Mead
My take on the New Hampshire debate: Barone
Obama Campaign Advising White House Staff: HuffPo

Loughner and the Insane State: Knish
The Circus Is on the Left, not the Right: Cmmntry
House Democrats Cry Foul Over Rejected Mailings: Roll Call


Ab Initio: WI Supremes uphold Walker's collective bargaining reform: Ace
NLRB complaint against Boeing needs critical look: Seattle Times
Roubini Warns Of Euro Break Up As Greece Melts Down: Forbes

Obamanomics: Damn those ATMs and airport kiosks!: Malkin
Undercounting the Joblessness: AmSpec
We're Not Boned.       We're B O N E D: Ace


Palin's Door Hits Nate Silver In The Ass: Riehl
NYTimes: 'Media Colonoscopy' of Palin E-Mails Was 'Not a Witch Hunt': RSM
Obama preparing voters – 12,000 crack dealers to be released early from jail: FAM

Let’s Play – It’s Different!: Six Meat
What Legacy Media Should be Covering: DC
About the newspaper that attacked Allen West for scuba-diving with the flag...: Glob

Why Is Media Matters a 501(c)(3)?: BigJourn
Mitt Romney Is The Frontrunner In The Same Way That Donald Trump Was The Front Runner: RWN
Laws are for The Little People (Cont'd): Anthony Weiner’s Pathfinder Has Different Unregistered Plates: BlogProf


Frank Gaffney on Jihadi Texts in American Mosques: BigPeace
LAPD Dep. Chief Downing: ‘We should not demonize the Muslim Brotherhood’: PJM
Quislings Enable Islamic Thuggery in England: RWN

PJM Exclusive: Georgetown U. Received $325,000 Funneled Through Terror Front Group: PJM
CAIR director tells Muslims jihad is a “noble cause”: Creeping
Epic Fail: Obama Supporters Try to Defend His Middle East Policy: BRubin


Apple starts selling unlocked iPhone 4 for $649, $749: CNet
Skyhook Stays Defiant In War With Google: Forbes
A look at Groupon’s extremely lopsided merchant agreement: Agrawal


Nominations for the Top 100 Current Clichés in the English Language: Ace
How Did They Get In There?–A Photo Essay: Bruce
Fisting Season In Wiskonsin!: Cube

Image: New York Post (EPA)
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QOTD: "You have to be a Keynesian nutcase to believe more spending is the solution to problems caused by too much spending. Such policies have never cured one problem in history, yet proponents of such policies never learn." --Mike Shedlock

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