Thursday, June 16, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Scofflaw Democrats Try to Change the Subject

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Scofflaw Democrats Try to Change the Subject: Power Line
Nancy Pelosi Feels Your Pain: Net Worth Rose 62% Last Year: Malkin
Oh my: Dem caucus meeting turns angry over Weiner: Hot Air

Issa Rips DOJ in Hearings: AmSpec
Top 200 Obama donors get cushy government jobs, perks: Toldjah
Ted Cruz: As Good As It Gets: Will

Blue Smoke and Mirrors: Cost
Bachmann Steals the Show: Tyrrell
Democrats Call on GOP Candidate to Denounce PAC Video: RSM


Reaganomics Vs. Obamanomics: Facts And Figures: Forbes
Landry: ‘It’s More Business-Friendly In Nigeria Than' Here: HayRide
SC Boeing Employee Hits Machinist Union with Federal Charge: NRTW

Food stamp outrage of the day: Surber
Men are the biggest losers in the new economy: WashExam
GOP Senators Fight Obama for Right-to-Work Laws: O'Connor

ATMs and Other Machines are Exempt from ObamaCare: Blumer
Obama's War on Boeing: Hewitt
An Open Letter to Barack Obama: Cafe Hayek

Climate & Energy

The Lightbulb Resistance Movement: FreedomWorks
The EPA needs to get out of D.C. more often: Surber
So, Either Soros Doesn’t Want Romney or Captain Carbon Forgot How To Use The Email He Invented: CBullitt

EPA kook lashes out at utilities for spilling the beans on Obama's job-killing policies: GWP
Physicists: Earth may be headed into a mini Ice Age within a decade: HyScience
A Bill To Make Soros Richer: IBD


The Sleaziness of Politico's Kenneth Vogel: Levin
So Now All These People Will Apologize To Sarah Palin About Margaret Thatcher, Right?: LegalIns
Cross-dressing Weiner pics emerge: FoxNation

Stick it out, Weiner!: Wizbang
Levin: Obama only president not to comply with War Powers Act: TRS
Politico Trumpets: Obama Returns to the 'Adoring Island' of Puerto Rico: NB

Change! CNBC: US Housing Crisis Is Now Worse Than Great Depression: Driscoll
North Carolina Becomes Third State to De-Fund Planned Parenthood: LifeNews
Weiner's wife returns home as new images emerge showing him cross-dressing and 'oiled up': Daily Mail (UK)


Obama Pal, Who Was Awarded $457K in Taxpayer Funds, Investigated For Terror Ties: GWP
When Is a War Not a War? When President Obama Says So: PJM
Detroit Muslims get racist on parking cop: Creeping

Obama supporter and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers denied entry to Canada: Surber
TSA blows jihad jet 'threat': Atlas
2-Year Greek Bond Yield Hits 28.15%; Investors Bet on Prospect of 'Greek Accident': Mish


CIA website brought down by DDoS attack, LulzSec hackers claims responsibility: Sophos
Google Voice Search offers natural user input: CNet
Google's Web mapping can track your phone: CNet


How Times Change: Ace
The Most Horrific Video I Have Ever Seen: Ace
Convict claims he shot Tupac Shakur in 1994 at talent agent's direction: Post

Image: Gateway Pundit
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Caddies for Obama

QOTD: "...Fannie Mae represents a special problem for the Democratic Party and Democratic ideas. It is not just a vitally important institution led by prominent Democratic figures and part of a broader Democratic patronage network; Fannie Mae is one of the original New Deal institutions and the vision it was intended to serve stands at the heart of the concerns of the Democratic Party of the 20th century.

The fall of Fannie Mae is bigger than just another politicos run wild scandal. It stands as one of several signs that our current way of life is reaching its limits and that big changes are on the horizon. The Fanniegate debacle tells us that the progressive ideal is in the process of jumping the shark." --Walter Russell Mead

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