Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Graphic: gas taxes by state -- take a wild guess which states are the worst for gas taxes?

You don't have to be Kreskin to figure it out: the failed blue states of Illinois, New York and California take the prize.

The oppressive tax burdens of these destructive, Democrat-controlled states help explain why people and businesses are fleeing for greener pastures.


Doom said...

What that map needs is, right beside the tax amounts... gas company profit margins in percent and what that comes to at when the price is $2, $3, and $4, so even idiots can see who is actually screwing us in terms even they can't deny.

Brian J. said...

Drat! My state, Missouri, is below average. This is always a justification for raising said taxes, never a recognition of why our state does not suck as much as so many.

Anonymous said...

In the People;s Republic of Illinois (where our Governors make our License plates) People in Cook county pay more and people in Chicago pay even more. As of today the avergae price of gas in the Chicago metro area is more than 30c ( some times more than 40c more than other cities in Illinois.

whitehall said...

Darn! What's wrong with my California legislature?

We're leaving money on the table! If Connecticut can collect 1.3 cents per gallon more, why can't we?

Just think of all the extra bureaucrats we could hire.

Anonymous said...

California ups NTY & Illinois by imposing sales tax on gasoline & diesel fuel upping the take by 8-10% of the otherwise price. Tax on a a tax you say!! Hell yes. We have recently moved to the Tristate area of Nevada, California, & Arizon and alway buy our gasoline in Arizonawhere it is 60-70 cents les than in California. We jut voted with our feet after 62 years to escape California's People' Republic gone wild taxes & regulations. Lif here on the Arizona -Nevada border seem a free paradise depite the summer heat.