Saturday, June 11, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: I See Dead Donkeys

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I See Dead Donkeys: HayRide
Dude, Where's My Freedom?: PJM
Once Again, Weiner Proves, Size Matters: PJM

More on the police investigation in Delaware: Patterico
Weinergate: Police Talk To 17 Year Old: RWN
Anthony Weiner admits contact with girl, 17: Politico

Obamacare has another rough day in court: AmSpec
Totalitarianism Gets a Foothold in Tennessee: MB
West Makes It Official, Will Run for Reelection: Shark


The Obama Job-Training Juggernaut: Malkin
Census Bureau: 'We Do Not Ask About Legal Status': BlogProf
Christie: NJ on precipice of disaster: RS

Dems fall back to default position on debt fight: LoneCon
Food Stamp Entrepreneur Gets Cuffed: MB
DOE loan program wastes billions on 'assessments': USR

Climate & Energy

Obama’s New EPA Rules Would Destroy Our Energy Sector: RWN
Huge Arizona Fires Due To Environmentalists: S&L
Ten Years And Counting: Where’s The Global Warming?: Forbes


Behold The Mainstream Media Eating Its Own Anti-Palin Bile - A Running List of Headlines: LegalIns Tatler
Palin Docu “The Undefeated” at AMC Theatres July 15: Bruce

"The Undefeated" Is Our Story, Not Simply Sarah Palin's: Riehl
LA Times Won’t Release Obama-Khalidi Tape But Posts 24,000 Sarah Palin Emails: GWP
Hey, Jeff Toobin! About that Andrew Breitbart #Weinergate thing: RS

Charles Johnson Intentionally Leads People Astray With His Bogus Weinergate Coverage: NiceDeb
Thatcher Foundation Responds to 'Thatcher Snubbed Palin' Report: "The Guardian Has Minimal Credibility": GWP
Vetting: bRight & Early


The Coming Crisis in the Middle East: BRubin
FBI confirms suicide bomber was Minnesota Muslim (pic): Creeping
Obama’s knack for handcuffing peace: JPost

Obama hosts a kindred spirit: RWN
Ahmadinejad Channels Gore: Blames Capitalism For Destroying The Environment: WZ
Somali Interior Minister Killed By Teenage Niece After She Joins al-Shabaab, Turns Herself Into a Human Bomb: WZ


Booming Apple Is World's Largest Semiconductor Buyer: NewsFactor
The Sims Social to offer Facebook flirting: CNet
Blackbeard's Booty a Treasure Trove for Archaeologists: Fox


In the “Twilight” of Our Reign? WTF : MOTUS
DC Politicians Are Their Own Reality TV: ConBlkChk
Police Arrest A Bunch Of Folks In Europe For Linking To Infringing Content: C&S

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sTevo said...


You should add a heading for Government Corruption and Scandal.

Weiner might just happen to occupy this slot for the moment.

But, the historical actions of Frank, Dodd and Pelosi should be chronicled and they should be named as the destroyers of America.