Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Gunrunner points much higher than ATF director

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Issa staffer: Gunrunner points much higher than ATF director: DC
U.S. To Suspend Countless Deportations: JW
Another Zealot Waiting in the ATF Wings: Malkin

The FDA's One-Man Death Panel: WolfFiles
Harry Reid Favors Huntsman Over Romney: Malkin
Ron Paul, Congressional Hypocrite: Lid

Lid ready to blow on Obama's Mexican gun-running scandal: RWN
Fast and Furious Backpedaling at the DOJ: Power Line
Chuck Schumer, Hero of the Working Man: Ace


NLRB's latest union bailout: quickie elections: WashExam
Blue State Schools: the Shame of a Nation: Mead
TSA Theft of Passenger Valuables a Nationwide Problem: Hot Air

How Badly Is the White House Hurting Our Economy?: Power Line
Did Obama Really Prevent A Second Great Depression?: IBD
Obama Claims 2.1MM Jobs Created, Laughter Results: JWF

Labor lawyer: why Boeing shouldn't be allowed to move to SC: RWN
White House Insists Campaign Against Children's Cereal Is Voluntary: HE
Welfare before the Welfare State: Mises

Climate & Energy

Jon Huntsman (Authentic Conservative) Signatory to 2008 “Global Climate Solutions Declaration”: Verum Serum
EPA ‘Masquerading Propaganda as Facts’ in Support of Clean Air Act Provisions, Expert Says: CNS
High court blocks states' climate change lawsuit: Yahoo!

Al Gore branches out into population control theory: WUWT
Uh Oh: Tiny Traces Of Gas Necessary For Life Will Kill The Oceans: RWN
More people killed by organic vegetable sprouts than Fukushima meltdown, Gulf oil spill combined: IHTM


World Naked Bike Ride, San Francisco, SFW Version: Zombie (click here for NSFW version)
Obama's Waterloo: Verum Serum
Jon Stewart’s Claim About Fox News Gets Fact-Checked: Verum Serum

Michael Moore: Obama’s War In Libya Is OK Because His Heart Is In The Right Place: Glob
Michele Bachmann Does Founding Mothers — and the Rest of Us — Proud: Shiver
Breaking: Smoking Is Really Bad For You: Malkin

Keith Olbermann's New Staff on Al Gore's Channel Is Like As Totally Super-Diverse As You'd Expect: Ace
The NAACP Fights To Abort More Black Babies: RWN
Dems Gone Wild: Rep. Alcee Hastings Investigated for Sexual Harassment: BigGovt


Obama To Receive Nobel War Prize: Ace
Why is Obama so tough on Israel and timid on Syria?: WaPo (Diehl)
Hezbollah’s Miscalculation in Syria: PJM

The Palestinians of 1967: Totten
The War Against Girls: WSJ
Time for Plan B; Unfortunately there is No Plan B: Mish

SPLC's Jihad Against America: Atlas
Gates Hints He Stepped Down As SECDEF Because Obama is Ceding Americas Superpower Status: WZ
Muslim radical charged with murdering two American airmen in Germany: Post


Essex Teen Arrested In FBI Global Hacking Probe: Sky
Bing grabs market share from Google over past year: CNet
Net to See .cornucopia of New .endings: Wired


A Veteran's Dying Wish: A Home for His Dog: Military
Fairleigh Dickenson Prof Has Awesome New Idea For Direct-To-Video National Lampoon College-Sex Movie: Ace
Today's Road Kill: C&S

10 Ad Campaigns That Backfired Badly: BizPundit
Canada intervenes in postal labor dispute: UPI
New Service Adds Your Drunken Facebook Photos To Employer Background Checks: Consumerist

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QOTD: "[Obamacare] excessively expanded Medicaid, which is basically bankrupting every state in the country right now... The legislation punted on malpractice reform, punted on cleaning up some conflicts of interest in medicine and punted on meaningful changes to reduce healthcare costs. The law’s most crucial flaw, perhaps, is that no one actually signs up for coverage until 2014. Medicare took only 18 months, Massachusetts just seven. This is going to take three and a half years, two election cycles – political eternity." --Jeff Goldsmith

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