Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daily Beast shocked that Jerry Brown is leading California to fiscal disaster; blames state's collapse on ...(wait for it)... Republicans

The Daily Beast (I read it so you don't have to) appears to be the magazine equivalent of Michael Moore. It is so unhinged and so laced with nutwhackery that it reads more like a National Lampoon spoof of liberal dementia than an ostensibly serious periodical.

Case in point: some kook named Joe Mathews, if that is his real name, offers the following salient observations about the failed blue state of California. Now, recall, California is dominated at every level of government by Democrats, public sector unions and the illegal alien lobby. But I repeat myself.

Jerry Brown's argument for his return to the California governorship was that as a 73-year-old politician, too old to worry about his political future, he would throw caution to wind, force partisans of left and right to negotiate, and tame this state’s famously out-of-control budget.

But his first six months in office have looked nothing like this. Brown’s experience has been no match for the difficult task that confronts Democrats in Washington and around the country: how to, at a time of austerity, protect programs and secure more taxes in the face of opposition from anti-tax Republicans. Brown has made concession after concession—cutting billions, agreeing to negotiate new legal limits on spending and pensions—without securing any agreement for additional revenues, even temporary taxes that would be subject to a vote of the people. In the process, he has alienated his own party.

Brown’s story so far shows that low-key negotiation and concession does not get you much from Republicans in this era... Brown [is required] to get votes from Republicans, even though Democrats control the governorship, both houses of the legislature, and every other statewide office...

[Some] voices... suggest Brown is gutless. Republicans, ungrateful despite Brown’s concessions, say they couldn’t reach a deal with Brown because the governor did not have the courage to embrace new limits on spending and pensions that the GOP wants in the agreement—but that powerful public employee unions oppose...

Here's a little cheat sheet for Mathews:

Brown is owned by the public sector unions and the racial separatist front groups like La Raza.

But it is the public sector unions -- not the Republicans -- who are bankrupting the state; and clearly Brown is too timid and too partisan to confront them.

It is sanctuary cities and open borders policies -- not the Republicans -- that are swelling school and prison populations while driving up health care and welfare costs.

It is a bizarre green agenda (that even denies water to farmers) -- not the Republicans -- that is destroying one of the most fertile, bountiful areas on Earth.

Sure, numb-skull, California could raise taxes on the productive sector of society; and that will simply drive more taxpaying citizens and businesses out of the state -- just as it did in another blue state success story called "New York".

But unless California can honestly confront the fiscal time-bomb represented by public sector union benefits, illegal aliens and the eco-Marxists, the state is flat-out doomed.

Oh, and Mathews: why doesn't Texas have this same problem, schmuck?


Gordon said...

This part says it all.

"how to, at a time of austerity, protect programs and secure more taxes in the face of opposition from anti-tax Republicans."

There is only one solution in his pin-head. More taxes.

Mockingbird said...

Hey, he's the smartest guy in the room. After all, he dated Linda Ronstadt!